Favorite Lips & Base

My devotion to lipsticks and foundations is undying.  I used to think that once I found “the one,” I would not feel the need to buy any more.  How wrong I was!  I have acquiesced to the reality that, like many of my fellow beauty product lovers, I forever will be on the hunt for the next pale lip color or medium coverage foundation that looks just like skin but much more enchanting.  At the risk of sounding cliche, it is the journey in the vast world of makeup that is so very enjoyable…the destination is lovely too, I guess I just don’t like to stay in one place (figuratively, with a single makeup item) for too long when there is so much more to discover.  **Updated 8/05/16!

In lip color, I tend to gravitate towards light nudes and pale pinks…some of most current favorites are as follows:

Foundation is a little trickier…I have sensitive skin (so the ingredients and fragrance need to be agreeable), require at least medium coverage, seek a believable color match (I range from NC 23-27 over the course of a single year) and desire a long lasting formula that doesn’t oxidize or get patchy over time.  I have tried a plethora of foundations in my life; some of my favorites are as follows: