By Terry Summer 2014 Collection…French Riviera

Above: Select products from the stunning By Terry French Riviera Collection.
Earlier this month, I was ecstatic to encounter and consequently swatch the By Terry Summer 2014 Collection testers at Space NK; aptly entitled French Riviera, this gorgeous cadre of products harnesses the heat of the tropics while simultaneously emitting Parisian chic. 
Above: With By Terry California Trainer Sharon Hagen at the By Terry counter at Space NK  Fashion Island.
Kindly scroll on for details, swatches, images of the French Riviera Collection on the face as well as the Bottom Line…

Above: Cheek-to-Cheek in Cherry Cruise and Tea-to-Tan in Bronze Bay, resplendent in the sunlight.
The Tea-to-Tan and Cheek-to-Cheek complexion products are stunning.  These sheer yet pigment-rich liquid formulas impart textureless warmth and flush that perfects the skin with a veil of radiance.  It may well be the most luxurious bronzer and blush I have tried to date!

Above: The liquid formula boasts a watercolor texture with suspended radiance particles for added glow.
Housed in a glass bottle with a genius dropper that skillfully controls the distribution of the formula, the Tea-to-Tan Water Color Bronzer Instant Double Glow in Bronze Bay harnesses the power of Red and Black teas (for antioxidant protection), Native Waters of Organic Cherry (to aid in detoxification) and correcting micro-prisms and colored powders to create an unprecedented warm glow.  
Here are the official details, courtesy of By Terry:
An Aqua Bronzer formulated with Native Active Water from tea. A watercolour effect, without transfer, budge, smudge and without self-tanning agent 

A revolutionary texture “100% water” with a bi-phased formula to customise the application 

– « Calm Water » version, the skin is imprinted with a veil of nude sun kissed colour. 

– By shaking the bottle before use so as to evenly mix the fine pearlescent particles, the skin is enhanced with a radiant and glimmering tan. 

Whichever way, apply a few drops of TEA to TAN in the palm of your hand and decollete. Renew the application to intensify the tanning colour if needed.
In my experience, the tan liquid is a warm brown with ultra-fine light-reflective pigments that, once applied, look like a naturally glowing tan.  The formula feels like water; there is not the slightest bit of an oily finish! By Terry California Trainer Sharon Hagen (pictured earlier in the post) intimated that the pigments in this formula allow Tea-to-Tan to be worn under foundation, without foundation or over foundation…in all cases, the formula simply makes the skin look better.  I like to put two drops on the top of my hand and use a dense face brush to stipple the formula onto my cheek bones and jawline for natural contour and bronzing.  The finish is ultra natural (a true brown-based tan, rather than peachy or orange), and due to the powerful pigments, the formula does not budge, even in extreme heat! Shaking the bottle integrates more of the radiance particles and letting the bottle settle, ensures a more watercolor application sans luminosity.
The Tea-to-Tan Water Color Bronzer is available at Barney’s NY,  Space NKBloomingdale’s and bGlowing

Above: The glass dropper releases the formula skillfully for precise control. 
Above: Swatches of Tea-to-Tan in direct sunlight.
The Cheek-to-Cheek Water Color Blush in Cherry Cruise is a visually breathtaking bright pink that translates as a natural, luminous flush upon application.  To compound its wonder, the formula actually contains Native Water of Organic Cherry (as revitalizing antioxidant)!
Here are the official details, courtesy of By Terry:

New syrup blusher with pure Cherry water, a versatile pomegranate shade, a “red berry sheer” texture for flirty cheeks and an energized healthy glow. 

In the “calm water” version, the watercolor effect blush is like a barely tinted splash, whilst once shaken to create the “troubled water” version, correcting prisms float to create aqua-satin spirals with soft focus smoothness. 

Place a drop from the pipette onto the fingertip and apply straight onto the skin like confetti… simply swirl and it’s printed on!
In my experience, Cheek-to-Cheek is extremely easy to wear; two drops on the top of my hand, buffed into the apples of my cheeks and I am blessed with a healthy, flushed glow that mimics and authentic “just pinched moment.  Texturally, this is a thinner formula than the already light Cellularose Blush Glace (reviewed HERE); it truly feels like nothing on, but the rosy radiance it delivers is undeniable.  I appreciate the fact that, when stippled with a brush, this formula does not disrupt my foundation and its longevity is significant. 
The Cheek-to-Cheek Water Color Blush is available at Barney’s NYSpace NKBloomingdale’s and bGlowing

Above: I love the pipette for ease of application.
Above: A heavy swatch of Cheek-to-Cheek in Cherry Cruise in direct sunlight.
Above: The pencils come with their own conventional sharpener and have a smooth, opaque finish that lasts until one decides to remove it.
The Aqua Print Eyeshadows (all five swatched HERE) are the most colorful elements of the collection; in bold blue and golden peach, these indelible eye pencils offer bright pigmentation and incredible lasting power.  Although I am only featuring Pink Frappe, Peach Tornado and Blue Fiesta in this post, the descriptions for all five shades are as follows:
  • Darling Muse is a slightly nude pink-leaning cream beige shade with a shimmery frost finish.
  • Pink Frappe is a pale baby pink with a satin shimmer finish.
  • Peach Tornado is a golden peach with light bronze leanings. 
  • Green Tornado is a lime green with a luminescent finish.
  • Blue Fiesta is a bright, creamy royal blue with no perceptible shimmer. 
  • Violet Vibes is a true deep purple with a cream finish.

Here are the official details, courtesy of By Terry:
100% treatment waterproof pen eyeshadow, intensifies the eye contour definition and colours the eyelids with magnetic and vibrant shades Hold of 16h and smudge-proof 

These eyeshadow pencils have a ride tip for non-greasy glide-on application with soft and even coverage. Shimmering shadow on the entire eyelid, an impeccable line along the base of the lashes for a XXL eyeliner effect, worn on its own, combined or layered but never leaving marks or settling into creases. 

A sharpener for a constant precise tip in included with each pen eyeshadow.
In my experience, the Aqua Print Eyeshadows are slightly firmer than the melting goodness of the By Terry Ombre Blackstars (which are undying favorites).  That being said, they still glide on smoothly, without dragging or skipping.  The shades are saturated and opaque, leaving a pronounced wash of color in their wake.  After eight hours of outdoor wear, I was delighted to find the eyeshadow to look exactly as I applied earlier in the day; no creasing, flaking or migrating whatsoever, the eyeshadow holds true to its 16 hour, long wearing, waterproof claims! Although the colors are more vibrant than I would normally gravitate towards, I discovered that strategically using them in moderation rendered them both wearable and on-trend for the warm summer months ahead. 
The Aqua Print Eyeshadow is available at Barney’s NY,  Space NKBloomingdale’s and bGlowing

Above: A closeup of  Blue Fiesta, Pink Frappe and Peach Tornado.
Above: Swatches of all three shades in direct sunlight.
Above: Swatches of all three shades in the shade…note their vibrancy, even in low lighting.
For the eye look below:
  • I used the Aqua Print Eyeshadow in Peach Tornado all over the upper lid, applied directly from the pencil.
  • I then swept a touch of the Aqua Print Eyeshadow in Pink Frappe along the crease and upper lash line for a subtle yet colorful effect.
  • Finally,  I ran the Aqua Print Eyeshadow in Fiesta Blue along my lower waterline and under my lower lash line for an unexpected pop of pigment.
  • I finished the look with two coats of Surratt Beauty Relevee Mascara.

Above: The cumulative result of Peach Tornado,  Blue Fiesta and Pink Frappe.
Above: Peach Tornado in action.
Above: The initial lip…By Terry Baume de Rose, a drop of Cheek-to-Cheek and the Aqua Print Eyeshadow in Pink Frappe for a baby pink nude Mod effect.
Below: Images of the By Terry French Rivera on my face in various lighting situations; scroll on for the full makeup breakdown…
Above: Outdoors, with a flash.
Above: In mixed lighting.
Above: In direct sunlight. 
Above: In the shade…the tan becomes more apparent!
Products Used:
Above: In the shade, with a flash and Nudissimo on the lips.
Above: Mixed lighting and flash.
Above: Shade, no flash.
Above: Shade with a flash…strange angle, indeed, but I love how all three shades can be seen on the eyes in this image.
Bottom Line: By Terry French Riviera is utterly marvelous and despite the saturated hues, each product in the collection is surprisingly wearable.  The intense infusion of color allows the wearer to be as adventurous as she chooses…a touch of pigment for a sophisticated look and a bit more for a bolder aesthetic.  I suggest starting with the endlessly easy to apply Tea-to-Tan (available at Barney’s NY,  Space NKBloomingdale’s and bGlowing) and Cheek-to-Cheek (available at Barney’s NYSpace NKBloomingdale’s and bGlowing) to adequately prepare the skin for summer and then simply see where the tide takes you! Have YOU tried anything from the By Terry French Riviera Collection? Thoughts?
Next up, a morning routine video, more foundation swatches and new skincare discoveries!
xx and have a beautiful week,
–The Beauty Professor
** PR samples  provided for review, however, as always, all of my opinions are expressly and unequivocally my own.  

© 2012-14 Beautyprofessor® All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, reprint or republish content and/or photos.

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  • Scoo Reply

    By Terry is one brand I am so crazy about after swatching things at in store but never got around buying any because of the insane cost! One day! 😛

    My favorite Makeup Brushes Review | TheConscienceFund

    May 27, 2014 at 9:29 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hello Scoo!

      Yes, By Terry is an investment but so worth it…the products are pure quality and great for daily use!

      One day, indeed ; )


      –The Beauty Professor

      May 29, 2014 at 6:17 am
  • Shireen L. Platt Reply

    Ohhh, Blue Fiesta is gorgeous! I MUST check it out!

    May 27, 2014 at 10:21 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Thank you, Shireen!

      It was an adventure to try it on and it lasts for ages…enjoying it!

      Have a lovely rest of the week…xx,

      –The Beauty Professor

      May 29, 2014 at 6:17 am
  • Unknown Reply

    The Peach Tornado color is very, very pretty on you. It suits your complexion and coloring very well. Stunning! Time to go pick up this color for myself 🙂

    I have the Tea to Tan and the Cheek to Cheek and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! I was unsure at first because application can be tricky until you get the hang of it. But the results are totally worth it. I will give your application method a go.

    May 27, 2014 at 6:16 pm
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hello SJ!

      Thank you so much…I know that Peach Tornado will be gorgeous on you, especially with your fair hair!

      Aren't the Tea-to-Tan and Cheek-to-Cheek to die for? So stunning and they both have the most natural finishes…can't wait to hear how the application method works for you!

      I hope your week is going well…xx and talk soon,

      –The Beauty Professor

      May 29, 2014 at 6:19 am
  • Unknown Reply

    Love the peach color on you!

    May 28, 2014 at 3:44 pm
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Many thanks, Lindsay!


      –The Beauty Professor

      May 29, 2014 at 6:19 am
  • Unknown Reply

    How do you apply liquid bronzer so that it looks natural?

    June 12, 2014 at 2:49 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hi Amber,

      I stipple it on with a dense face brush and it just melts into the skin!

      Will try to do a video tutorial with it soon ; )


      –The Beauty Professor

      June 15, 2014 at 3:36 pm
  • Zella Mckheen Reply

    I think those are awesome. I love how the blue brings out you eyes. I've never seen a product like that!

    June 12, 2014 at 3:08 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Thank you, Zella…I appreciate your kind words and concur, it is a truly beautiful collection ; )


      –The Beauty Professor

      June 15, 2014 at 3:37 pm
  • Gaynell Reply

    Absolutely beautiful!! Love the colors!! All looks fab~

    June 12, 2014 at 3:41 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Many thanks, Snowfazam!


      –The Beauty Professor

      June 15, 2014 at 3:38 pm
  • Unknown Reply

    Love your blog and absolutely love TEA to TAN! Such a great luxe brand. Hope you check out my post, too…

    July 21, 2014 at 5:56 pm

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