First Look: Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Extreme, Sisley Hydra-Global Booster + 14 Products I Recently REPURCHASED

Happy Friday, dear readers! I hope this past week has been kind to you. Today, I have exactly three items on the agenda: (1) A hotly requested round of *Tom Ford NM Exclusive Lip Lacquer Extreme swatches, (2) A look at the *Sisley-Paris Anti-Aging Hydration Booster and (3) exactly 14 products that I have recently repurchased. All things considered, it’s a cavalcade of beauty and I cannot wait to share! 
Kindly scroll on for more details, swatches and images of everything in action as well as the Bottom Line…
tom ford lip lacquer extreme swatches
*Tom Ford NM Exclusive Lip Lacquer Extreme
Ever since posting an initial image of the *Tom Ford NM Exclusive Lip Lacquer Extreme on Instagram last week (HERE), I have been met with a barrage of requests for swatches and am subsequently happy to provide them now. 
This freshly released ultra lightweight formula boasts plenty of pigment and a visually volumizing pearlescent-meets-metallic finish that wears flawlessly for hours. The eight shades that follow–which are beiatufiully singularly in execution and effortlessly resonate with the warmer months to come–are Neiman Marcus exclusives and well worth the pursuit. 

tom ford lip lacquer extreme swatches
Shade Descriptions
  • 01 Loveless: Iridescent violet-tinged pink
  • 02 Loveshock: Warm magenta pik
  • 03 Panty Pink: Vibrant creamy hot pink **Worn at the end of this post
  • 04 Skintight: Vampy aubergine 
  • 05 Cameo: A pale peach with golden shimmer **Worn at the end of this post
  • 06 Torch: True papaya orange
  • 07 Slicker: Radiant coral orange
  • 08 Hot Rod: Neutral rose **Worn at the end of this post
My favorites from this lineup include Panty Pink (which will look incredible with a bit of a tan), Cameo (peachy nude lips forever, thank you) and Hot Rod, which is a stunning rosy neutral in the mix. 

tom ford lip lacquer extreme swatches
Swatches of the *Tom Ford NM Exclusive Lip Lacquer Extreme in outdoor lighting. 
tom ford lip lacquer extreme swatches
Swatches of the *Tom Ford NM Exclusive Lip Lacquer Extreme in direct sunlight.  
tom ford lip lacquer extreme swatches
Swatches of the *Tom Ford NM Exclusive Lip Lacquer Extreme in shade. 
tom ford lip lacquer extreme swatches
Sisley-Paris Anti-Aging Hydration Booster
The *Sisley-Paris Anti-Aging Hydration Booster and Intense Anti-Aging Hydration (also available at Sisley-Paris)

Next, I’ve been testing the *Sisley-Paris Anti-Aging Hydration Booster and Intense Anti-Aging Hydration (also available at Sisley-Paris). The shift in weather–vacillating between hot winds and humidity–has left my skin a touch on the parched side and this skincare pair, consequently, could not have arrived a better time. One pump of the *Sisley-Paris Anti-Aging Hydration Booster enhances my skin’s own ability to maintain hydration and better accept the additional moisture that comes its way. It absorbs instantly and the subtle herbal fragrance is simultaneously calming and mood-lifting.

I’ve been following with a pump or two of the Sisley-Paris Intense Anti-Aging Hydration, which masterfully delivers a dose of moisture that lasts throughout the course of a long day. Although this product is not new, it perfectly pairs with the Booster and my skin feels soft, supple and balanced both day and night. I can’t wait to continue to use both and will weigh back after a few weeks!

Official details for the *Sisley-Paris Anti-Aging Hydration Booster, courtesy of Sisley-Paris:

Hydra-Global Serum is the first fundamental daily step in reinforcing the skin’s power of auto-hydration. To boost the skin’s intensive natural hydration, the serum has 3 unique features: 

A powerful hydration booster, it acts on the 3 key stages of the water cycle by using the power of key ingredients of natural origins. 
• It supports the increase of water reserves (Yeast extracts of Blue Agave from Mexico and Carob seeds; Japanese Cedar bud extract) 
• It promotes water circulation (Wild Pansy extract, quenches)
• It lastingly retains water (Iris extract and Edelweiss extract) 
Rehydrated from within, the skin looks more beautiful and lastingly hydrated and supple. 

A fresh, delicate and light texture that leaves a bare-skin sensation. Instantly absorbed, it allows daily skin care to be applied immediately. The olfactory signature of the Hydra-Global range: the essential oils of Sage, Lavender, and Marjoram naturally SCENT the serum. 

• An ideal addition to all skin care routines: it completes the care, bringing intense hydration to all skin types 
• As part of the expert moisturizing duo: daily use of Hydra-Global Moisturizer combined with the serum supports optimal skin moisturizing performance 
• An ideal addition to support all skin types (dry, normal, combination or oily) that may suffer from dehydration at times due to various factors, including weather, sun, wind, air conditioning or lifestyle. 

Non-comedogenic. Oil free.

Rehydrated from within, the skin looks more supple and replumped. The complexion looks more radiant and wrinkles appear softened. Skin is perfectly quenched.

After cleansing and toning the skin, apply to face and neck, morning and evening. Follow with moisturizer of choice.
Recent repurchases. 
Onto my 14 recently repurchased products…from fragrance and nail polish to base and face non-negotiables and lip color permanently in my handbag, I will happily continue to spend money on these gems as they continue to demonstrate their beauty and usefulness. 

Fragrance, eyes and nails. 
(1) Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 (reviewed HERE): I have run through an entire bottle of this intoxicating elixir (this rarely, if ever, happens) and have since repurchased as it has easily become my signature scent. Whenever I wear it, someone asks me about it (most recently, it was Kandee Johnson at a Givenchy event…I handed over my travel vial so she could spray some on herself and she had me type the name into her phone) as it’s all at once unique and hard to place while still being extremely pleasing to most noses. And if you’re not ready for the commitment quite yet, try the brilliant travel vials…the set comes with three (totaling over a full ounce) so you could even share them with a couple of friends but I daresay, after you smell it, you’ll likely want to keep them all for yourself! 
(2) Oribe Nail Lacquer in The Nude (reviewed HERE): Literally on my toes 97% of the year, this creamy nude is clean and sophisticated while proving to be incredibly low maintenance. Two properly applied coats can last for nearly a month! 
(3) GrandeLASH (reviewed HERE): Designed to make lashes longer and darker without dangerous side effects, I’ve run through three tubes of this stellar lash serum (as has my mom). Consistency is key as results will be noticeable in 4-6 weeks but once you see the difference, you’ll be inspired to make it a serious and regular part of your routine.
(4) GrandeBROW (reviewed HERE): This nourishing serum keeps my brows full and healthy and a touch glossy, I might add. It’s great for fortifying as well as enhancing regrowth and volume. My mom and I both apply it every night and are on our third tube.
(5) Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color in Golden Peach (reviewed HERE): I have purchased five pots of this absolutely perfect cream shadow with a gilded powder topper and will likely purchase five more in the coming months and years. It is, unequivocally, my “go-to” shadow shade all year round and I wish never to be without it. 
(6) BY TERRY Ombre Blackstar in Bubble Glow (reviewed HERE): This pink cream shadow brightens eyes in a single swipe…I like to focus application on the waterline (for a wide-eyed look) and inner corners of the eyes to counteract signs of fatigue. You may not have thought you needed pink cream eyeshadow stick but Bubble Glow will make you a believer. 
(7) Tom Ford Fiber Brow Gel in Chestnut (reviewed HERE): My brow product of choice for a year and a half, this formula is the perfect blend of color, depth, shape and hold and Chestnut works wonders on my natural dark ash brown brows…I’ve probably bought 4 tubes at this point. 
(8) BY TERRY Lash-Expert Twist Brush Mascara (reviewed HERE): Essentially the only mascara I’ve been wearing since January (a casual search on BP will more than corroborate this claim!), I’ve since purchased a few back ups as well as tubes for my mom (who now has bought back ups) and my aunt. To use it is to love it for the lush, long and voluminous lashes it creates, all the while avoiding smudging and flaking. It’s a mascara masterpiece. 
Swatches in direct sunlight. 

Face and lips. 
(9) Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter #4 (reviewed HERE): I have been raving about the wondrous formula since buying it earlier this year and have nearly run through an entire bottle at this point. I love to use it as a primer (which allows me to apply less foundation) and can even add a bit more atop foundation for additional dimension. As aforementioned, it must be tried to be believed (and appreciated). 
(10) Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Compact Foundation 5.5 (swatches of multiple shades + review HERE): The way this powder evens skin and adds a glow while looking basically invisible is beyond baffling but color me impressed as I have now purchased a back up. It makes my skin look so refined and perfected–especially in the context of a mid-day touch up–all the while stealthily avoiding any signs of a powdery finish.
(11) Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand (reviewed HERE): The quickest way to achieve a flattering and ethereal dewy glow with zero oiliness, I am currently running through my second tube of this gorgeous highlighter. I love to dab it on my forehead, upper cheek bones, bridge of nose and chin (exercise restraint with the quantity as a little goes a long way) for dream skin. 
(12) Sisley-Paris Phyto Lip Twist in #10 Sugar (reviewed HERE): The Lip-Twist family is gorgeous but Sugar is by far my favorite due to its true sugar-meets-baby pink hue and marvelous moisturizing properties. I have purchased three in the last year and a half and have also bought a few more for friends and family…if you haven’t yet tried anything from the opulent Sisley, this is what I would suggest first…beware, however, as it’s a slippery slope from that point! 
(13) Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Liquid Rouge in #11 Lingerie (reviewed HERE): I have purchased 4 tubes of this particular shade in the last couple of years and will ideally never be without it. Every time I wear it (especially in tandem with the Sisley-Paris Phyto Lip Twist in #10 Sugar…this is my lifetime lip mix) I get questions about what is on my lips and its marvelous combination of lip color, lip stain and lip gloss in a peachy nude beige make it a lip color trifecta in my book. Simply divine. 
(14) Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Matte in Universal Appeal: To be fair, this is the only product in the list that I’ve only purchased once; however, I bought two because I knew that my mom would want want, too! Sold out at every counter I’ve visited in the last couple of weeks, this wildly pigmented nude number appears to be the favorite in the matte version of the new Tom Ford Lacquer. After finally securing my own tube, I now see why…the color is a beautiful mix of nude, brown and peach (no obvious pink tones here) and it has enough depth to work on a spectrum of skin tones. The formula dries down a bit darker than it initially swatches and feels very comfortable despite its matte distinction. I get 7+ hours of wear time (seriously) and love wearing it alone or mixed with a slick of the Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Liquid Rouge in #11 Lingerie when I want a touch of shine. 

Swatches in direct sunlight. 
The following images reflect all products in action (specific lip color delineated in the captions). Style elements include: Black off the shoulder top (here’s a highly rated dress version, too), Ragdoll striped tee, heather grey scoop neck top and gold hoops

tom ford lip lacquer extreme swatches
Wearing the *Tom Ford NM Exclusive Lip Lacquer Extreme in a mix of Panty Pink and Cameo.
tom ford lip lacquer extreme swatches

tom ford lip lacquer extreme swatches

tom ford lip lacquer extreme swatches

tom ford lip lacquer extreme swatches
Wearing the *Tom Ford NM Exclusive Lip Lacquer Extreme in Hot Rod.

The eye look, featuring Tom Ford Golden Peach and BY TERRY Lash-Expert Twist Brush Mascara.

tom ford lip lacquer liquid matte universal appeal swatches
Wearing Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Matte in Universal Appeal
tom ford lip lacquer liquid matte universal appeal swatches

tom ford lip lacquer liquid matte universal appeal swatches

tom ford lip lacquer liquid matte universal appeal swatches

Last look.b
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Bottom Line: I truly hope you enjoyed this overview of the *Tom Ford NM Exclusive Lip Lacquer Extreme and *Sisley-Paris Anti-Aging Hydration Booster as well as the 14 products I cannot help but to repurchase. In this veritable sea of products in which we navigate, loyalty and consistency are  by far the best endorsements, no?
Good things ahead, including a fresh video tutorial, a host of new product procurements and the details of my upcoming visit and beauty event in NYC on 5/24…stay tuned!
Have a resplendent Mother’s Day weekend and more soon,
–The Beauty Professor 
**PR samples provided for review denoted by an asterisk (the rest purchased by me), however, as always, all of my opinions are expressly and unequivocally my own.  © 2012-18 Beauty Professor® All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, reprint or republish content and/or photos without author’s written permission.

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  • Lisa Reply

    The Tom Ford Laquers apear to dry down matte. Do they transfer on to glassware, etc? They appear the long wearing type.

    May 11, 2018 at 2:52 pm
  • Carramaus Reply

    Lovely post! I've never ventured into the nude nail polish territory (I only polish my toes, and I generally go for 999 Rouge by Dior), but this shade does look very chic– I am going to hunt one down that works against my very pale skin!
    Also, did you get your ears pierced?!

    May 11, 2018 at 4:17 pm
  • Petunia Reply

    I love seeing what products you reorder. Given the access you have to fabulous cosmetics, it says a lot that you not only finish a product but also love it enough to repurchase and continue to wear regularly. I am on my 8th or 9th tube of Lipstick Queen's Medieval. Its so easy to wear, nourishes my lips and seems to go with most anything else I am wearing or stand alone on no makeup days.

    May 13, 2018 at 8:20 pm

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