Nudite Fragrance…Like a Veil of Summer Rain

I don’t normally review fragrance…despite my love for perfume, I find it difficult to convey the overall effect of a scent in writing, especially since it is such a subjective experience.  
To contextualize my taste, some of the fragrances that I wear regularly include Prada Candy (mainstream but delicious…I never get tired of this), Lanvin Rumeur (bold, rosy and lasts forever), the original David Yurman (reminds me of gold), Kiehl’s Musk oil (very smooth and rich), Trish McEvoy #9 (deliciously fruity without being cloying), Guerlain Champs Elysees (light, sweet and sparkling) and on rare occasions, Chanel Coco and Guerlain L’Heure Bleue (moody and dramatic…they both make me feel like I am living in a different era).
I recently purchased Nudite Intense from Beautyhabit after requesting, receiving and being delighted by a sample in a previous order.  Retailing for $48, the set (which, as of publish date, appears to be backordered) includes a .35 ounce rollerball of the fragrance and a 5.1 ounce body lotion.  

According to Beautyhabit, Nudite Intense is…“a sheer diaphanous wisp of nude skin scent that is best appreciated in a close embrace.  Ephemeral, like a gentle breeze.  Sheer, clean, rain-soaked undertones with a single fresh flower but just poking through.  Irresistibly clean, barely there,  nude skin.  To be sensed intensely.”

I was attracted to the idea of a ultra light “skin scent” for to wear on days when a heavier fragrance feels like too much; I can confirm that the description of this scent is spot on.  It is so light and clean that it can only be sensed when you are very close to the site of application (I prefer the neck and inside of my wrists).  It does have a remarkable lasting power for such delicate scent and I love how warm, creamy and fresh it is.  I am not usually into scented lotions, but have found myself using the cream daily…it is stronger in scent than the fragrance in the rollerball, moisturizes effectively and really lends to the collective experience.

Nudite Intense reminds me of summer rain, gentle musk and freshly showered skin…it is sweet, simple and sophisticated…a supreme combination that’s comforting and inviting.

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