Sulfate-Free Haircare my Hair Loves: A Beachside Review

Pantene Nutrient Blends Review
Pantene Hydrating Glow with Baobab Essence | Pantene Nutrient Blends Review
Pantene Nutrient Blends Hydrating Glow with Baobab Essence.

I wash my long hair every other day which means that I go through copious amounts of shampoo, conditioner and detangler on a regular basis. The bright side is that this consumption en masse yields the opportunity for me to constantly try new formulations. Enter the brilliant Pantene Nutrient Blends Hydrating Glow with Baobab Essence Collection (conveniently available at Target). The ingredients profile–which includes nourishing Baobab Essence and Pro-Vitamin B5–is strong, but what might be most impressive is what is missing! With zero sulfates, silicones, parabens, dyes and mineral oils, this range manages to achieve the seemingly impossible: bouncy, shiny hair with one of the cleanest, most accessible formulations available.

Pantene Nutrient Blends Haircare Review

Fun fact: My dad recently told me that my Great-Uncle Jack worked for Pantene in the 1960s. While that has no bearing on this current collection (he passed on when I was a little girl), it is a fun familial connection that I didn’t know existed!

To highlight the natural beauty of the Pantene Hydrating Glow with Baobab Essence Collection, I decided to capture it at Golden Hour in one of the most stunning locales in my area…Seal Beach, CA.

Kindly scroll on for more details on the Hydrating Glow range and images of it in action as well as the Bottom Line…

Golden hour in Seal Beach
Golden hour in Seal Beach, CA.
Pantene Nutrient Blends Review
The Pantene Hydrating Glow with Baobab Essence Collection trifecta.

Apropos for all hair types, the Pantene Nutrient Blends Hydrating Glow with Baobab Essence Collection features three key products that seamlessly work together for a full haircare experience:

The Pantene Hydrating Glow Sulfate-Free Shampoo

A clear formula that effortlessly cleans without stripping. The Baobab essence contributes to hydration and my hair is left soft and balanced feeling with every wash.

The Pantene Hydrating Glow Sulfate-Free Conditioner

Is silky and rich, bathing my hair in moisture without weighing it down. I like to apply this to the second half of my hair (avoiding the scalp area) down to the ends since this is where my hair tends to be the driest.

The Pantene Hydrating Glow Thirsty Ends Milk to Water Serum

Is unique as it is designed to be used post-shower as a leave-in formulation to help detangle, hydrate, minimize the look of split ends and add shine. Weightless and easy to distribute. I focus application on my ends and move upward before air drying or treating with heat.

Pantene Nutrient Blends Review sulfate-free
The Pantene Hydrating Glow Sulfate-Free Shampoo
sulfate-free haircare
Movement, volume and manageability…yes, please!
sulfate-free haircare product
Pantene Hydrating Glow for my day-to-day.
Pantene Nutrient Blends Review
My hair feels strong and resilient.
Pantene Nutrient Blends Review
Shiny and smooth.
hydrating glow sulfate-free haircare
The formula is so safe, I can even use it on Joey Elle’s delicate toddler hair.
the best haircare products
Hair that reflects light, even on a windy beach.
the best sulfate-free products
So grateful to have discovered the Pantene Hydrating Glow range.
Pantene Hydrating Glow
Last look with Pantene Hydrating Glow…I predict that its lack of sulfates, silicones, parabens, dyes and minerals is the future of haircare.

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Bottom Line:

I hope you enjoyed this look at one of the most refreshing haircare launches of the year thus far.

Since discovering the Pantene Nutrient Blends Hydrating Glow with Baobab Essence Collection (available at Target) a few weeks ago, it is now a regular part of my routine and it brings me great joy to be able to share this review with you!

Good things ahead, including a fresh video tutorial, an office tour and a host of new product procurements…cannot wait to share.

Stay strong, seek wisdom, much love and more soon,


–The Beauty Professor


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  • Kashi Reply

    Such shiny hair! Looking forward to trying this new Pantene collection! Target is walking distance from home. 🙂

    February 19, 2021 at 6:13 am
  • Lisa Reply

    Sounds great. What kind of fragrance do these have?

    February 19, 2021 at 6:53 am
  • Cathy Reply

    I’ll give it a try. I’m always looking for sulfate-free hair products. BTW – where did you get those pants?

    February 19, 2021 at 12:50 pm

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