Perennial Polish…Christian Dior Safari Beige

My nail polish taste is very similar to my taste in lip color…nude, pale pink and beige shades are unobtrusive and seem to match everything.  While I rarely paint my finger nails (I find that they stay much healthier varnish-free), I consistently have a coat of polish on my toes; living in Southern California affords many “sandal days.”

After running through many pearly ivory, nude beige and sparkly pale pink options over the years (Chanel’s Django, Sally Hansen’s Cafe a Lait and Deborah Lipmann’s Some Enchanted Evening are honorable mentions), I have realized that it is completely acceptable to wear one nail polish with such devotion, that it renders all other nail polish options unnecessary.
The nail polish that has earned this singular title in my book is Christian Dior’s Safari Beige.  I originally bought it before a trip to Texas back in 2009, when it was called Beige Chic.  I managed to make the bottle last a couple of years and was thrilled when it finally resurfaced at Nordstrom under a new name, Safari Beige, at the end of 2011.  I now have a few bottles on backup due to their irreplaceable spot in my life.  
Safari Beige (#219) is an opaque light nude beige that looks great on warm and cool skin tones alike.  It is neutral enough to complement every footwear choice and yet has enough creamy coverage to make one’s nails appear neat, clean and polished.  The lasting power of this formula is noteworthy…two coats can maintain color, shine and go chip free for a couple of weeks!


Plainly stated, Safari Beige is not an ultra-exciting color; it will neither stop traffic nor cause a stranger to inquire about your creative varnish choice…its strength lies is in its versatility and ability to create a sophisticated and well-groomed look in two coats or less.

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