The Secret to My Lashes + Brows: A Grande Cosmetics Intensive

woman holding Grande Cosmetics Intensive products

I have used GrandLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum and GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum steadily for nearly 8 years. The very fact that I’ve been committed to these formulas for so long should be adequate testament to their efficacy in my life but today, I am going to take a deep dive into the formulas, sharing how and why they work and also some of the other Grande Cosmetics products I love.

Kindly scroll on for more details, swatches and images of everything in action as well as the Bottom Line…

The Secret to My Lashes + Brows: A Grande Cosmetics Intensive

woman showing her lashes and eyebrows as a result of using Grande Cosmetics Intensive products
I have zero products on my brows and lashes here…they are just fuller-looking and healthier-looking thanks to a consistent GrandeLASH-MD and GrandeBROW routine.

Also, I want to start this review with a picture of my bare lashes and brows. No mascara, no brow gel, zero eye makeup of any kind…just feathery full fringe. So, I recommend committing to a GrandeLASH-MD and GrandeBROW routine for at least 6-8 weeks (though I saw mine sooner) to begin to see results. Grande Cosmetics suggests applying GrandeLASH-MD every day for a
full 3 months and GrandeBROW every day for a full 4 months. After desired improvement is achieved, apply every other day for maintenance. Keep reading for how I use the serums!

Grande Cosmetics Intensive eyebrows and lashes
Beauty routine staples…GrandeLASH-MD and GrandeBROW.
woman using Grande Cosmetics Intensive eyelashes serum
GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum for lashes you’ll love.

The GrandeLash-MD

I began my Grande journey with GrandeLash-MD. Fortified with a proprietary blend of amino acids, peptides and vitamins, this stellar serum is designed to nourish lashes so they look stronger and longer with consistent usage. Fragrance, paraben and cruelty-free, this serum is so easy to use. I simply apply it on a clean lash line at night (the tiny brush really gets to the lash roots,  where the serum should be properly applied)  after washing my face.

It begins working on contact and best of all, it absorbs immediately without stickiness or changing the texture/feel of your lashes so you can immediately follow with eye makeup (just be sure to let it dry completely first!). Also, Grande Cosmetics describes GrandeLASH-MD as a “once swipe wonder” that only requires a single stroke on your eyelid just above your upper lash line (like a liquid eyeliner).

woman using GrandeBrow
GrandeBROW Enhancing Serum everyday.

The GrandeBrow

Next, I follow with GrandeBROW, which has been a staple for more years than I can count! Every time someone asks me who does my brows, I say “GrandeBROW” because that’s all I use! Harnessing the power of the same ingredients in GrandeLASH-MD, this serum can enhance the appearance of sparse patches so you can feel confident going without using a pencil or gel on low maintenance days. It works on brows of all types, ages and situations…GrandeBROW even helped my aunt to enhance the appearance of her brows after chemotherapy. Truly amazing! GrandeBROW is a holy grail product for this beauty editor and, after using approximately 29475717 tubes (ha!), I never want to be without it.

Additional Grande favorites.

I’m also super enjoying a few other key Grande formulas including their eye cream, mascara and eyeliner, all of which are high performance while delivering beautiful lasting results.

woman using GrandeREVIVE Brightening Eye Cream with Wrinkle Defense
The GrandeREVIVE Brightening Eye Cream with Wrinkle Defense in action.

The GrandeREVIVE Brightening Eye Cream with Wrinkle Defense has been a lovely integration into my skincare routine as of late. Also, the click brush applicator makes it hygienic and excellent for travel and the active ingredients (including Matrixyl 3000, Pine Bark Extract and Purslane Extract work to decrease the appearance of puffiness and dark circles while adeptly brightening the entire eye area. It hydrates and absorbs on contact and also protects against blue light exposure generated by endless hours in front of a screen.

Swatches of the mascara, eye cream and liner in direct sunlight.
GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara with Castor Oil doing what it does best.

The GrandeDRAMA Thickening Mascara

Next is the GrandeDRAMA Thickening Mascara. It takes lashes to the next level with a rich volume inducing formula that creates density, shine and glossiness. This happens while supporting lash health with Castor Oil which is clinically proven to let lashes live their best life. The mascara builds false-lash looking results in two coats and resists smudging and flaking all day. It’s simply divine.

Introducing GrandeLINER Liquid Eyeliner with Lash Enhancing Serum…your lash line will never need anything else throughout the day!


Finally, the GrandeLINER Liquid Eyeliner with Lash Enhancing Serum. It offers intense obsidian black definition that stays in place all day. The diminutive brush ensures maximum control and precise lines. I am over the moon to tell you that it resists smudging, flaking and running for hours on end. Between allergies and wearing contacts, my oft-watery eyes give liner a true test and I am happy to report hat this one has exceeded every expectation.

For an additional bonus, this formula contains a dose of lash enhancing serum. This is so your lashes are getting nourished, even with makeup on. After a few months of testing (it launched earlier this spring), it has quickly catapulted itself into my top favorite liquid liner!

GrandeLINER in action…smudge free all day!
Swatches of GrandePOP Plumping Liquid Blush in Mauvesicle and GrandeGLOW Plumping Liquid Highlighter in French Pearl in direct sunlight.

GrandePOP and GrandeGLOW

Oh, and the GrandePOP and GrandeGLOW formulas for the face are brilliant! The GrandePOP Plumping Liquid Blush (shown in Mauvesicle, a universally flattering neutral pink) tightens, lifts and hydrates the cheeks while infusing them with a sheer but buildable wash of glowing color. The result is a super natural flushed-from-within effect that stays in place all day. To highlight, the GrandeGLOW (shown in French Pearl, a warm and glimmering champagne hue) is sublime. A little goes a long way to accentuate the high points of the face with luminous, never glittery, radiance.

woman in white top and striped shorts and sharing Grande Cosmetics Intensive
Style notes.


This easy summer look includes:

woman in white top and striped shorts and holding Grande Cosmetics Intensive
Last look.

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Bottom Line:

I hope you enjoyed this intensive overview of the Grande Cosmetics formulas and would love to know what caught your eye! Are you currently using a lash and brow serum that you love? If not, I highly recommend integrating Grande into your daily routine!

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Good things ahead, including a video focused on my summer favorites, a fresh tutorial and a host of new product procurements…cannot wait to share.

Stay strong, seek wisdom, much love and more soon,


–The Beauty Professor

**Many thanks to Grande Cosmetics for sponsoring this post. PR samples provided for review denoted by an asterisk (the rest purchased by me); however, as always, all of my opinions are expressly and unequivocally my own. © 2012-22 Beauty Professor® All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, reprint or republish content and/or photos without author’s written permission.

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