Christian Dior: A Trip to Saint Tropez Without Spending a Small Fortune…

So, a trip to Saint Tropez is not in my immediate future.  However, I can get a little taste of this French Riviera paradise when I use Christian Dior’s Dior Addict Extreme with the same moniker.  Available at Sephora and retailing for $30, this formulation is designed to be long-wearing and shiny.

Saint Tropez (#336) is a peach-toned shade with a glossy, semi-opaque finish.   I love this formula…especially in contrast to the original Dior Addict version released last spring.

Dior Addict Extreme is not overwhelmingly long-wearing (I get about three hours with one application), but it is remarkably moisturizing and comfortable in texture.


Dior Addict Extreme in #336 Saint Tropez…two swipes on lips in direct sunlight

In pictures, I’ve seen it appear more pink/peach but it definitely is more of a light and soft coral shade on my lips with no discernible shimmer.


**Swatched in the shade


As seen in the comparison swatches above, Saint Tropez pulls a touch more coral than the similarly textured but peachier Sephora Crystal Gloss in “Flushed”and is perfect when a subtle pop of color is desired.  I originally bought a backup (I get a little “doomsday preppers” when it comes to colors I think I will run through quickly), but so far have found it to be a great shade for my vast pink/peach/nude rotation rather than an everyday staple.  I can imagine this will be one of my choices when I am sitting by the pool next month…I won’t be in Saint Tropez, but Palm Beach, Florida is close enough!
**Swatched in direct sunlight

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