Dior’s Garden Party: Rose Corolle/Corolle Pink

Dior’s Garden Party for Spring 2012 comes complete with a variety of new eyeshadows, glosses and blushes; company issued images of these items are plentiful on the Internet. However, swatches of one of the stars of the collection, the Rouge Dior Rose Corolle/Corolle Pink (#363), are arduous to locate.

I was fortunate enough to receive the lipstick this week as a birthday present and will share some photos as well as my opinion on this limited edition product.
COST: Rose Corolle retails for $32 and can be bought at www.nordstrom.com

COLOR: Rose Corolle is a light to medium pink with some shimmer and a bit of shine, but the depth of the pink is what is truly remarkable. After putting on 2-3 swipes, the pink takes on a life of its own, bringing radiance and glow to the face, without being too frosty, pale or “Barbie” in nature. It is an everyday pink that looks great with a smokey eye or minimal makeup.

TEXTURE: This lipstick has a light feeling when applied; it is smooth, hydrating and has a slight slip, without being too glossy in nature. My lips tend to run on the dry side and need a daily dose of Koh Gen Do Lip Enhancer to stay healthy but I find that the Rose Corolle doesn’t add to the dryness of my lips (as many lipsticks can do) and seems to keep them status quo, which is appreciated.

WEAR: I get 2-3 hours of wear from a single application (without liner or gloss) and find that it wears off evenly without a dreaded “ring” or obvious remnants of shimmer. What I find most pleasing is that when it does seem to be gone, a flattering light rose stain remains on my lips. I want to stress that it is “light rose” not “hot pink” or “cherry red” as many stains can translate. I find reapplication a joy and since this is not marketed as a long-wearing lipstick, I am fine with the wear time.

SCENT: Like all Rouge Dior lipsticks, Rose Corolle has a “candy-meets-roses” scent that wears off quickly and doesn’t taste all together vile.

OVERALL GRADE: The fact that I’ve worn it everyday since I received it and even ordered a few backups is a telling sign. If this is indeed limited edition, then I will deduct a few percentage points because I wish it would be a permanent part of Dior’s Rouge Dior collection; however, the versatility, flattering tone and comfortable texture implore me to give this lipstick a 96% A.

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