Drugstore Pinks…a Little Revlon and Wet & Wild for Your Viewing Pleasure

My pink and nude lipstick collection is ever growing, and while I am a sucker for anything in this color range released by my favorite brands (Edward Bess, Le Metier d’ Beaute and YSL to name a few…), I also embrace the affordable goodness of drugstore offerings!  This post features three pinks that I purchased recently at my local CVS…they are inexpensive, highly pigmented and work in a pinch.  Despite remarkable color payoff, their lack of moisturizing properties guarantees that they won’t be replacing my beloved high end pinks anytime soon.

Revlon’s ubiquitous Lip Butters have garnered praise everywhere.  I selected 055 Cupcake which is a cool pale pink and translates very similarly to the color of its outer case.
Revlon Lip Butter 055 Cupcake swatched in direct sunlight…note the medium opacity and obvious sheen.
Revlon Lip Butter 055 Cupcake on the lips…in order to get the most from this product, I suggest exfoliating thoroughly as this shade does tend to highlight any dryness (though it is decidedly more moisturizing than the Wet and Wild options). 

Retailing for around $5.00, the Wet and Wild lip color in 901 B comes in a  plastic tube with a clear plastic lid.

This tube is non-retractable; what is shown above is as low as it can be wound down.  This is an odd design choice and can only be justified with a lipstick at this price point. 

I would describe 901 B as a light creamy pink beige…it does seem to leave what I imagine is an unintentional darker pink stain on the lips upon removal, which I find common amongst less expensive lipsticks.

Wet and Wild 901 B is very pigmented, but also highlights dryness with a vengeance.  I  liked wearing it for about an hour, and then my lips felt very dehydrated.  For someone who is always trying to stave off dryness (thank you Koh Gen Do Lip Chiffon…to be reviewed soon!), this felt like a step backwards.  What a pity because the actual color and coverage is fantastic!

This particular shade seems to have a lot of positive reviews online…I wish I could share the sentiments, but alas, I cannot. 

Wet and Wild 967 is described as a “bright Barbie pink” and this is indeed the impression I get when wearing it.  I think, however, that a shade of this level of intensity might look better on a doll with unnaturally long blonde hair than it does on me : )

Yes, it is that bright.

Wet and Wild 967 on my lips…dryness is still an issue (I think that is indigenous to the formula) but you can’t deny it is indeed a pure pop of color.

Side by side, 901 B is definitely warmer and paler than 967…

All three drugstore pinks, swatched in direct sunlight.  Cupcake is sheerer and more moisturizing than the Wet and Wild lip colors.  The pigmented nature of the Wet and Wild lipsticks is, however, is hard to deny!

Bottom Line: The reasonable pricing of Revlon’s Cupcake and Wet and Wild’s 901 B and 967 is commendable; however, if you are prone to lip dryness like I am, I suggest using these products sparingly or with a liberal amount of lip conditioner/treatment underneath to retain the moisture and health of your pout!

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