Eleven Essentials: A New Makeup Preview…Happy Saturday!

Above (from left to right): Beauty Blender, Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer in Medium 22, Alterna Kendi Micro Mist, Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzer in Nude 00, Hourglass Immaculate Foundation, African Botanics Marula Eye Serum, Evian mist, Dolce and Gabbana Natural Monica lipstick, Tom Ford Lip Lacquer in Pink Lust (Summer 2013), MAC Up the Amp, Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer in #107.
Even though the last couple of weeks have been in insane in terms of work responsibilities, I’ve somehow found some time to procure some new makeup.  The products above are quickly earning a place amongst my current favorites!
Although it will take me awhile to give each one a proper review, I thought I would offer a quick preview of posts to come…
1. Beauty Blender–has completely changed the way I apply makeup!
2. Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer in #22–great lasting power for the under eye region
3. Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzer in Nude 00–a pale bronzer that brings life to the face…cannot be over-applied!
4. Alterna Kendi Micro Mist Dry Oil spray–I’ve gone through 2 bottles of the traditional spray version and am loving this extra-dry version.
5. Hourglass Immaculate Foundation in Golden–a perfect neutral to warm shade for NC23-25 skin.  The finish and lasting power of this foundation is rave-worthy.
6. African Botanics Marula Eye Serum–I love the natural ingredients and the way it smooths my eye area.
7. Evian spray–works like a charm with my Beauty Blender.
8. Dolce and Gabbana Natural Monica lipstick–a medium nude with a glowing finish.
9. Tom Ford Lip Lacquer in Pink Lust–Summer 2013 is finally here and Pink Lust is one of its spoils!
10. MAC lip color in Up the Amp–an old favorite from college, delightfully revisited.
11. Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer in #107–a creamy pink beige (what else?!) with absolutely no shimmer = divine.
**Also, in the queue…Serge Lutens Base and Teint Si Fin Powder, Bobbi Brown Bronzer, my current, haircare routine, summer hairstyles tutorial, recent empties and Guerlain’s new lipgloss!
Above: FOTD wearing Hourglass Immaculate Foundation in Golden (applied with an Evian-misted Beauty Blender), Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer #22, Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzer in Nude 00, and a mixture of MAC Up the Amp lipstick with Giorgio Armani Lip Lacquer in #107.  I used my Calista ION Hot Rollers for Long Hair to curl my hair and added a quick spray of Alterna Kendi Dry Oil Mist for shine and finishing.

As soon as time permits, I will be posting reviews of all of these incredible products…in the meanwhile, please subscribe to my YouTube channel (where I’ll be posting a “Makeup for Job Interviews” tutorial early next week)!

Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned?  Thoughts?!  Which one would you like to see an in-depth review on first?

xoxo and have a lovely weekend,

–The Beauty Professor


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Comments (17)

  • Unknown Reply

    Beautiful look! great products! Definitely a couple of must haves!!


    April 27, 2013 at 11:30 pm
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Thanks so much, Jezz! Also, I enjoyed your article on iFabbo yesterday…very compelling!

      Hope your weekend is going well…xoxo,

      –The Beauty Professor

      April 28, 2013 at 5:24 am
  • nona Reply

    hey Rachel you look great as usual , i love to see first review of hourglass foundation ,well my problem is with matte foundations never worked well looks so dry on except for boots N7 matte foundation which is amazing foundation but color wise is limited but looks so good on very flawless though, that's why i curious to see ur thoughts on this specially ur like me love that finish like skin but medium/full coverage

    April 28, 2013 at 12:57 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Thank you, Nona! I will make the Hourglass foundation a priority next week…you are right, matte foundations can be challenging since the finish runs the risk of being dry. So far, I haven't noticed that effect with the Hourglass, so that is promising! Review soon ; )

      Have a wonderful rest of the weekend…xoxo,

      –The Beauty Professor

      April 28, 2013 at 5:26 am
  • Shoshana/Strongestrose Reply

    Hi there! I want everything!!! 😛

    I am wondering if you find the Hourglass foundation to have any pink undertones as described on the Sephora website. I know you generally don't wear foundations with pink undertones, and the name, "Golden," would make that seem unlikely, but now I am afraid to order until I know for sure 🙂 Thank you so much!

    April 28, 2013 at 10:03 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hello Shoshana…good to hear from you! In light of your question today, I was able to swatch nearly half of the Hourglass Immaculate foundation shades (the Space NK I happened to be at was oddly missing some of the testers). At any rate, I will be editing and posting the swatches this week and hopefully that will answer your question. Golden is more neutral (rather than pure yellow) than some foundations I wear, but I am finding that it doesn't ever oxidize pink (even though the Sephora website deems it a pink…strange), which is a relief. That said, I do find it a bit peculiar that anything called "Golden" would be neutral, rather than yellow! Go figure!

      At any rate, the swatches will be up soon…hope that helps and that you have a lovely Monday…xoxo,

      –The Beauty Professor

      April 29, 2013 at 5:41 am
    • Shoshana/Strongestrose Reply

      Thank you so much! Can't wait for the review! Nice to be able to read your blog a bit more again now that dust at home is starting to settle. Brought my little preemie how two weeks ago (she arrived at 32 weeks), and it's been challenging. Still is, but the chaos is a bit managed!! Hug!

      April 29, 2013 at 9:42 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Congratulations on your new baby, Shoshana! That is wonderful news…I am sure that there is so much going on, I am honored you are finding time to take a peek at my blog now and then ; ) All the best to you and your family…xoxo,

      –The Beauty Professor

      April 30, 2013 at 5:14 am
  • She Reply

    OOOh, so looking forward to your full reviews. I've been curious about the HG Immaculate foundation (like you, I just can't resist foundation), so another vote for that one. Thank you for making your blog available to us!

    April 28, 2013 at 6:29 pm
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Thank you, She's Chic!! The Hourglass Immaculate will be my first order of business this week ; )

      Lovely to hear from you, as always…xoxo,

      –The Beauty Professor

      April 29, 2013 at 5:43 am
  • Mara Reply

    Hi Rachel,
    I just picked up a sample of the Hourglass foundation at Sephora yesterday, would like your review on it too I'm wearing it for the 2nd day now and I seem to like it better than some other high end ones I have returned. Let us know how it works on you!

    April 28, 2013 at 10:31 pm
  • Mara Reply

    I scooped up a sample of the Hourglass foundation the other day at Sephora and this is my second day wearing it. Thus far, I really like it, but curious as to what you think of it and the brand. So far it has kept my oily shine at bay.

    April 28, 2013 at 10:40 pm
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hello Mara,

      Thanks for the comment! I am glad to hear that you are liking your sample of the Hourglass Immaculate…I started with a sample as well before committing to a full bottle. I will be doing a full review very soon…so far, I've liked everything I've tried over the years from the Hourglass brand…definitely a quality-infused line.


      –The Beauty Professor

      April 29, 2013 at 5:44 am
  • Anonymous Reply

    Dear Rachel,

    I found your blog today while googling "Armani Maestro Foundation" and "HG Immaculate". I have just bought the latter for everyday use (I am fond of mattifying foundations that keep my oily skin in control) but got extremely curious about the Maestro… so many lovely reviews! How do these two compare, in your opinion, regarding oil control, longevity and coverage?

    Does "Maestro" have so much more to offer than "HG Immaculate" that would justify its purchase as well?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    Paula (also a professor; good to know that vanity does not necessarily nullify intellectuality, I wish there were more beauty bloggers "like us").

    May 7, 2013 at 5:45 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hello Paula,

      Thanks so much for the comment…I am happy you found your way to my blog! With regards to your question, I find that the Armani Maestro is a much lighter foundation (than the Hourglass Immaculate) overall. It provides less coverage (it is medium at best, whereas the HG is medium to full) and is less long wearing but has a beautiful skin-like glow. If you are looking for something that is more natural and feels weightless, then I suggest giving it a try!

      I wouldn't say that the Maestro has much more to offer…its lighter finish and more translucent appearance is unique, but the HG is better for a full coverage, mattifying and long wearing option.

      I hope that helps…that is wonderful that you are a professor as well…what do you teach?

      xoxo and keep in touch,

      –The Beauty Professor

      May 8, 2013 at 12:34 am
  • gcarmel Reply

    Must say, love your blog and appreciate the effort involved in swatching every thing but the kitchen sink…. yet still find time to work, etc.,!

    Love the above pix….you are simply lovely with the worlds prettiest eyes!

    Would love to see your review of Caudalie skin care if you have it.

    I will check out HG…

    Cheers, lovely lady…


    May 4, 2016 at 10:33 pm
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Thansk for kind comment, Gretchen ; )


      –The Beauty Professor

      August 18, 2016 at 11:54 pm

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