Fall Tones Deluxe: A Suqqu AW2018 Collection Pictorial

The Suqqu AW2018 Collection
I hope your August is going super well thus far! We are having the most incredible time with baby Johannah Elle (full story HERE) while adjusting to even less sleep than we normally get. It’s a unbelievably blessed time and we’re embracing every moment. 
Now, onto the makeup at hand…brimming with lush and deluxe autumnal tones with a modern twist, I am excited to announce that the *Suqqu AW2018 Collection launches on August 9th at Selfridges. To assist you in your makeup pursuits (this collection will sell out), here is an image and swatch-heavy overview of each of the pieces in the glorious lineup.
Kindly scroll on for more details, swatches and images of the collection in action as well as the Bottom Line…

suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
Consisting of a new liquid eyeshadow formula, three eyeshadow palettes, two blushes and three lipsticks, the *Suqqu AW2018 Collection is a perfect way to transition to the cooler months ahead. 
suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
*Suqqu Glow Touch Eyes
At the center of the *Suqqu AW2018 Collection are six shades of the *Suqqu Glow Touch Eyes. This unprecedented formula has an incandescent and lightweight liquid texture that glides on like silk while boasting immense, crease-free lasting power. 
  • 01 Ginzora: Shining silver pearl 
  • 02 Koukizuki: Sparkling and effervescent yellow gold
  • 03 Kurekazi: Light radiant bronzy brown 
  • 04 Tsuyahiiragi: Glimmering khaki green
  • 05 Akebonozome: Glowing sunrise pink (worn at the end of this post) 
  • 101 Teriaka: An opulent limited-edition earthy red

If you have been cautious about trying a metallic liquid eyeshadow, now is the time to embrace the opportunity; Suqqu’s sublimely sophisticate aesthetic guarantees that the illumination in this particular formula will be soft and subtle rather than shimmery or glittery and, as aforementioned, the shade lineup and lasting power of the Glow Touch Eyes are magnificent.

suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
The Glow Touch Eyes features a flocked doe foot applicator for precision and ease of blending. 
suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
Swatches direct sunlight.
suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
AW2018 Suqqu Designer Color Eyes. 
It wouldn’t be a proper Suqqu collection without a dazzling array of eyeshadow quads. In this case, feast your eyes on the following Designer Color Eyes
  • 10 Yuuakane: Rife with sunset orange and sky blue tones, this daring quartet of rich and warm tones is marvelous for an adventurous makeup lover 
  • 11 Fukakaede: The autumn red and amber brown hues have a slightly more neutral appeal when compared with Yuuakane. 
  • 120 Ryoukosumosu: The sole limited edition shade amongst the palettes, this airy green and blooming purple wonderland also boasts a gorgeous camel shade of which I cannot get enough  (worn at the end of this post).
If you haven’t yet tried an eye shadow quad from Suqqu, I implore you to consider trying one…the ultra smooth and pigmented formula resists creasing while taking eyes to the next level. 

suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
Swatches in direct sunlight. 
suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
For cheeks, there are two limited edition Pure Color Blush shades: 
  • 108 Tsuyabara: Smoky rose with a pink champagne highlight, this is one of the most unique (in the best possible way) blush shades I’ve encountered in a long time. The slightly purple tone will look terrific on a spectrum of skin tones and I’m wearing it in the images at the end of this post. 
  • 109 Hikaricha: Pure brown tan with a golden illuminator, this duo is a fresh twist on traditional contouring and highlighting, making it a multitasking must for your makeup bag. 
Finely milled and effortlessly blendable, the duality of these particular blushes offers the potential for a natural flush as well as subtle sculpting and highlighting. 

suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
Swatches in direct sunlight. 
suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
For lips, there are three limited-edition shades of the Moisture Rich Lipstick:  
  • 106 Youkagami: It may look bright red in the tube, but it’s more of a light rosy glaze on lips…what a delightful surprise. 
  • 107 Enjitsu: A rich and buttery brown that is harmoniously aligned with fall (worn in the second half of the images that follow)
  • 108 Choutouka: A glimmering neutral ballet pink (worn in the first half of the images that follow). It’s a very special color and one I’ll be reaching for constantly! 

The Suqqu Moisture Rich Lipstick formula is buildable, allowing for a sheer look that can reach medium opacity in a couple of cushiony coats. Hydrating and glossy, it’s an ultra flattering lip option. 

suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
Swatches of the *Suqqu AW2018 Moisture Rich Lipstick in direct sunlight. Please note that it was EXTREMELY hot when I was taking pictures of the lipstick and everything was melting. When intense heat is not an issue, these lipsticks swatch evenly and beautifully! 
suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
The following images reflect the *Suqqu AW2018 Collection in action in afternoon sunlight…
The eye look, featuring Suqqu Glow Touch Eye #5 and Designing Color Eyes Palette in #120 Ryoukosumosu. 
Baby Johannah Elle…I can’t believe she’s almost 3 weeks old! 
Style notes featuring the Free People Olivia Midi Dress.
  • Free People Olivia Midi Dress: This dress was love at first sight…I bought it without even trying it on (wearing a size 2) and so glad I succumbed to the impulse. The flowing material is soft and breathable and the olive paisley color scheme is reminiscent of fall without being overt. Truly a near-perfect dress. 
  • Melissa Soul Slide Sandal in Light Pink Matte: An chic and grown up version of the jelly sandals of my youth, these minimalist slides are extremely comfortable and the nude blush shade matches absolutely everything. 
  • Gold hoop earrings: On my ears every single day. 
Melissa Soul Slide Sandal in Light Pink Matte 

suqqu aw2018 collection swatches
Last look. 
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Bottom Line: I hope you enjoyed this overview of the resplendent *Suqqu AW2018 Collection which will be available at Selfridges on August 9th and Harrods on August 23rd. What will be in your shopping cart? Do tell!
Good things ahead, including a fresh video, some of Johannah’s favorite things so far and a host of new product procurements…can’t wait to share! 
xx and more soon,
–The Beauty Professor
**PR samples provided for review denoted by an asterisk (the rest purchased by me), however, as always, all of my opinions are expressly and unequivocally my own.  © 2012-18 Beauty Professor® All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, reprint or republish content and/or photos without author’s written permission.

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  • Suzanne Gabrielle Reply

    You are glowing. Lack of sleep becomes you thanks to your gorgeous bundle. I saw the Rodin Lip Oil on your IG this morning with the decorative packaging. I want to buy a few and put aside for gifts and stocking stuffers.

    August 9, 2018 at 2:17 pm
  • Tatiana Reply

    Another gorgeous collection from SUQQU! The blush in Tsuyabara is my favorite. Thank you for showcasing it for us. I really wish SUQQU were available stateside without having to order it from overseas. That dress is pretty and I'm having a hard time not ordering one for myself. I love everything paisley. Johannah Elle grows more beautiful by the day.

    August 9, 2018 at 11:11 pm

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