Happy Fourth of July Weekend…Red, White and Blue and Mini-Road Trip Recap

Above: Red, White and Blue beauty and skincare for this Independence Day weekend. 
Happy Fourth of July weekend!  I hope the first few days of July have been magnificent for you.  Late last night, I returned from a whirlwind 40-hour camping trip (more on that later on in this post!) and am getting back into the swing of things before celebrating Independence Day with my family.  Indubitably, for me the holiday at its core is all about freedom and a profoundly patriotic sense of thanks for America, but I couldn’t help but also be inspired by the red, white and blue of some of my favorite beauty and skincare products!
Kindly scroll on for a full product breakdown as well as a mini-recap of my recent roadtrip up the coast of California as well as the Bottom Line…
Above: Who knew this nude and neutral-toned lover had so many red, white and blue products that I love?! 
Beauty and Skincare…Red, White and Blue Edition:
Above: Pup-wrangling at the rest stop…my mom and I are always amused by how delightfully exhausting 
Onto the road trip recap…earlier this week, my dad, brother and husband departed for their annual kayak fishing trip near Big Sur, CA.  They spend their days on the boats, enjoying God’s beauty and living off the land (or should I say, sea) and their evenings camping at Limekiln, a historic plot of land off of Highway 101, surrounded by forest, streams and the Pacific Ocean.  Feeling adventurous, my mom and I decided to meet them up there for their last night and day and proceeded to embrace streamlined packing (an entirely different future post!) and a sense of spirit as we traveled six hours with two lively dogs!

Above: The view from the beach…the bridge is a stretch of Highway 101…it makes one feel so small. 
Above: Jethro feeling at home in the back of our car…he is such a great traveler. 
Above: My brother’s dog, Jasper…he is only one and has the most gorgeous hair I’ve ever seen!
Above: The beach at dusk…the rocks and skyline were stunning.  
Above: Natural travel-friendly makeup, including MAC Faux lipstick (discussed HERE).
Above: With my husband and brother at the beach…love these guys to no end!
Above: Last look.
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Bottom Line: I hope you enjoyed this dual-purposed post and look forward to hearing how your July is going thus far…travels?  Work?  Other adventures?  Please share!  
As aforementioned, I had absolutely no cell signal or Internet access for the past two days (totally unplugging is equal parts refreshing and overwhelming!) and now in the midst of preparing to respond to your lovely emails and comments…thanks for your patience.  
Good things ahead, including a closeup of my Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson order, a fresh FOTD, a peek at some new neutral MAC products and an overview of the chic Guerlain Summer 2015 collection (was waiting on the sun to make an appearance to finish photography).  
–The Beauty Professor 
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  • Unknown Reply

    Looks like you had so much fun, especially the dogs. The look is a perfect for the occasion, natural and flawless.

    July 7, 2015 at 12:26 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Thanks so much…it was a lovely 40 hour whirlwind ; )

      The pups are a blessing!!


      –The Beauty Professor

      July 7, 2015 at 9:51 pm

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