Time Out of My Day for Rouge Bunny Rouge Fleur Parfait

I have a few Rouge Bunny Rouge items begging for swatching and reviews…but alas, this week has been beyond hectic.  In the meanwhile, I thought I’d briefly share the brilliance that is Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Excesses Glassy Gloss in “Fleur Parfait.”  Retailing for $29, it is a remarkably pigmented formula that, in this case, yields a soft mauve sheen that adds subtle shimmer and amazing coverage to your everyday lips.  The scent is light and candy-like in nature and the texture is moisturizing and decidedly not sticky…how does RBR do it?
Rouge Bunny Rouge Glassy Gloss in “Fleur Parfait”

This is a tad darker than I normally go…my pale pinks and nudes were collectively weeping today for their neglect…but it is a lovely way to harness the freshness of purple without looking like a harlequin.  Fleur Parfait is now residing in my purse for frequent application…it is simply delightful.

Above: Feeling pleased with Fleur Parfait…also wearing the RBR bronzer, RBR eyeliner in Salome (both to be swatched and reviewed ASAP!)  and Edward Bess All Over Seduction Illuminator in Sunlight (reviewed HERE)

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