Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Makeup Color Base in Yellow

koh gen do yellow primer

Until the summer of 2011, I had used the Hourglass primer regularly as the base before my foundation…it was smooth and glowy, but didn’t do a particularly fine job of controlling oil production or setting makeup. I did, however, appreciate that it was sensitive-skin friendly and easy to purchase at Sephora.

koh gen do yellow primer

I tried the KGD Maifanshi Makeup Color Base in yellow (arduous and lengthy name, I know) in the summer and am now on my second tube. Like many products in the KGD line, a little goes a long way and a single item usually lasts at least six months with daily wear!
At $48, this primer actually costs less than the Hourglass version, and, in my opinion, is much preferred. The yellow tone is designed to diffuse redness, brighten the face, control unevenness and even reduce shine; I am happy to report that this little .88 oz. tube does all this and more.
To apply, I cleanse face with the KGD Spa Water (review found here) and follow with a dab of the KGD All in One Moisture Spa Gel (review found here). Then, I simply squeeze a pea-sized amount of the primer and apply to my whole face, focusing my attention on my forehead, nose and inner cheeks.
koh gen do yellow primer swatch

The texture is smooth and a little dry (though, not to its detriment) and spreads comfortably. I hate the “slimy” feeling that can accompany so many silicone-laden primers (Smashbox, anyone?) so I think the denser, less slippery texture is fantastic (as long as your skin is properly moisturized to start). Once applied, my pores are filled in and my skin looks much more even; to be abundantly clear, the yellow cast (as demonstrated in the image above) is not apparent once the product has been rubbed in.
I notice a difference when I forget to apply this–chiefly, that my makeup does not stay put as well–and so I always apply it. Since I am a third of the way through my second tube, I think it is safe to say that The Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Makeup Color Base in Yellow is a keeper…it controls oil, creates a flawless canvas and also allows me to wear less foundation. Such are the qualities of a primer trifecta.

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