Kroma LE Deluxe 5-Day Reset: Is It Worth It?

Kroma Wellness Limited Edition Deluxe 5-Day Reset
The Kroma Wellness Limited Edition Deluxe 5-Day Reset

Last month, I tried the *Kroma Wellness Limited Edition Deluxe 5-Day Reset and to say that my results were significant would be an understatement. From more energy and glowing skin to better sleep and yes, even the shedding of a few pounds (4.5 to be exact), this Reset was patently transformative.

Kindly scroll on for my full experience as well as the Bottom Line…

kroma 5 day reset before and after
On the left, me in Las Vegas directly before starting the Kroma Wellness Limited Edition Deluxe 5-Day Reset and on the right, me directly after completing the process. The results speak for themselves, no?


I have never been one for “routine eating.” With a focus on high protein intake (mainly grass-fed beef, chicken and fish) and little to no refined sugar, coupled with fruits, vegetables and organic dairy, I generally consume meals based on my mood and hunger levels, which vary thanks to a packed schedule as a mom, full-time professor and beauty content creator. My personal taste is simple and straightforward and meal plans that I’ve tested in the past have included rather elaborate ingredients that I don’t particularly enjoy, making commitment and calibrating results challenging.

Enter: Kroma.

Shipped in massive aesthetically pleasing multilevel box, this Kroma Wellness Limited Edition Deluxe 5-Day Reset contains 50 nutrient dense meals, snacks and drinks that satiate while tasting remarkably delicious. Additionally, the Luxury Edition also includes a gorgeous gold brother, a signature Kroma Tumbler (which travels like a dream, I might add), a tote bag, a golden spoon, Superfood Creamer, 3 Change Your Life Chai and Perfect Fast Ginger Turmeric Tea. Everything in the box is mindfully packaged and utilitarian in nature making the system a joy to use.

A look at the second tier of the massive Kroma Wellness Limited Edition Deluxe 5-Day Reset

After a lovely, rather indulgent long weekend in Las Vegas with my husband (our first trip away from our 4-year old daughter) that involved rich meals, absurdly late nights and plenty of environmental stressors (hello, second-hand smoke), I knew it was time to help reset my body and I began Kroma on a Monday. 

kroma reset reviews
Mornings with Kroma.

From the onset, what was most stunning about Kroma was the sheer amount of food I could consume, even on the Lean Protocol. Granted, it’s essentially all liquid but every time I felt the slightest but hungry, I had another option in my routine ready to go and I enjoyed everything.

Over the course of five days (love how each day is color coded), I NEVER felt ravenous or deprived and even had sachets left over! I attribute this synergy to the grain-free superfood ingredients that support health from the inside out. 

In the spirt of full disclosure, I made one adjustment when I prepared my drinks throughout the day; instead of water or non-dairy unsweetened milk of choice (as recommended by Kroma), I used raw whole milk, which was of approximate equal calorie value.

A Day at a Glance (courtesy of Kroma Wellness):

The Kroma Reset is a 5 day program. Each day includes 10 filling and nutritious servings.

1. Break Your Fast

Combine our adaptogenic Beauty Matcha (regular programs) or Ultimate Vitality (vegan programs) with water or your favorite non-dairy unsweetened milk of choice.

2. Breakfast

Nourish yourself with our satiating Super Porridge. Add berries as desired.

3. Hydration

Drink our Cranberry Hydration Elixir throughout the day or as needed post workout.

Each sachet is streamlined and travel friendly…genius for maintaining consistency!
4. Boost

Replenish with a delicious plant-based smoothie by blending sachet contents with your favorite non-dairy milk. If desired, add frozen berries and / or spinach.

5. Lunch

Heal your gut with one of our delicious and nutrient-rich broths.

6. Fuel

Energize and alkalize with our Supergreens Elixir.

7. Snack

Curb your appetite with an afternoon pick-me-up adaptogen Superlatte (menu rotates daily).

8. Energy Snack

Kroma OMG Cookie Butter. 1-2T daily as needed. We dare you not to finish the full jar in a day!

9. Dinner

Customize your evening broth with veggies and / or protein as needed.

10. After Dinner Supplement

In terms of the offerings, here are some of my thoughts on preferred preparation and overall flavor:

Beauty Matcha

The Beauty Matcha is extremely complex and tasty; it contains adaptogens to jump start optimal brain and metabolic function. 

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the Super Porridge as I typically have eggs or turkey bacon at breakfast and all but avoid cereal in the morning. This, however, is grain free and brimming with finely ground almonds, walnuts and hempseed along with vanilla and cinnamon. It was decent tasting on day 1 but by day 4 and 5, I was actually craving it. Best of all, I never felt the “carb crash” that I experience when I have grain in the first part of the day.

Cranberry Hydration Elixir

The Cranberry Hydration Elixir is light and fruity and barely sweet, making it a delightful way to effortlessly get electrolytes and consume more water.

The Boost smoothies are all delicious. I used my frother to blend the sachet with whole raw milk and a scoop of daily collagen and the thick drink always felt like a veritable treat.

kroma bone broth
My delicious Kroma bone broth.

Supergreens Elixir

Kroma has made me an unmitigated bone broth lover! For lunch and dinner, I always looked forward to this warm and nourishing soup that had just enough savory flavor satisfy. I could feel my gut healing with every serving. Towards the end of my five days, I added some optional ghee (just a teaspoon) because, while I didn’t miss the other foods I normally eat, I did miss the perfect taste of butter. 

The Supergreens Elixir is fresh and pleasing and the array of vitamins and minerals it packs is impressive.

I always looked forward to my afternoon Vitality Latte, once again with whole raw milk and a touch of ice. 

If you do a cursory search of Kroma Wellness you’ll find a plethora of rave reviews for the OMG Cookie Butter (a full jar is included with the Reset) and I assure they are accurate. The ingredients are stellar and it really feels like a decadent indulgence. I generally had 1-2 scoops a day  but managed to exercise will power and not finish the whole jar.

The evening supplement is rich in magnesium and helped me unwind to drift off to sleep at night without waking up feeling drowsy the next day.

kroma bone broth
A Kroma Vitality Latte (yellow because of the turmeric) and Bone Broth with added Ghee…a perfect final meal that I missed so much, I ordered more to keep on hand.


Although the first two days of my Reset were a touch challenging just because I had to adapt my normal “lack of a routine” to something more regimented, by the time I had my last sachet of bone broth on day 5, I was actually sad to end the system.

Each day of the week, I felt lighter, stronger, more energized, clearer headed and as a bonus, my smallest jeans that I keep around as a point of reference but rarely wear fit perfectly.

My husband even looked at me across the dinner table after a long afternoon on campus to lecture (on day 3 to be exact) and said, “your skin looks extra glowing.” I couldn’t believe that all these changes could culminate in just five days!

Day 4 of Kroma…my increased energy was palpable by this point.


I imagine that it’s clear from my detailed experience that I would wholly recommend Kroma; it gave my body a healthy jumpstart that I thoroughly enjoyed and the results speak for themselves. 

I think an even greater endorsement for the Kroma Wellness Limited Edition Deluxe 5-Day Reset is the fact that after completing my reset, I ordered the 24K Beef Bone Broth, Beauty Matcha, Super Porridge and OMG Cookie Butter to have on hand for future nourishment. The formulas are so good that I didn’t want to be without!

2 weeks after my Kroma 5-Day Reset…my stomach still flat and bloat free and I’m continuing to make the healthiest food choices possible while weaving my Kroma favorites in my routine.

Since completing my Kroma Wellness Limited Edition Deluxe 5-Day Reset  almost 2 weeks ago, the 4.5 lbs have stayed off, bloating has been kept at bay and my cravings for any food that doesn’t contribute to my overall health have drastically reduced…that, my friends, is the gift that keeps on giving.

kroma 5-day reset
Last look…the Beauty Matcha is a must.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking to experience the Kroma Wellness Limited Edition Deluxe 5-Day Reset or try some of the individual products I’ve been loving, use BEAUTYPROFESSOR at checkout for 15% off site wide…2023 and all the resolutions that come with it are just around the corner!

Good things ahead, including two new Beauty Professor lip color collaborations, a holiday makeup tutorial, a last minute gift guide and my favorites for 2022…cannot wait to share.

Stay strong, seek wisdom, much love and more soon,


–The Beauty Professor

**Many thanks to Kroma for sponsoring this post. PR samples provided for review denoted by an asterisk (the rest purchased by me). However, as always, all of my opinions are expressly and unequivocally my own. © 2012-22 Beauty Professor® All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, reprint or republish content and/or photos without author’s written permission.

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