Le Metier Indelible Inks Eyeliner in Artemis

Above: The Indelible Inks Eyeliner truly is indelible.

I adore the look of liquid liner…when applied with restraint, it is sophisticated, classic and polished.  I usually opt for liner in a deep shade of black, and, as long as I can avoid the what feels like inevitable transfer of product from my lid to my orbital crease, I feel completely polished with minimal eye makeup.

I recently had the chance to try Le Metier de Beaute’s Indelible Inks Eyeliner in Artemis, a stunning dark indigo navy blue (originally previewed on my blog HERE).  Retailing for $28, here’s what Neiman Marcus has to say about this new release…

Drawing long-lasting, intense lines, this highly pigmented, no-budge liquid eyeliner features a waterproof, fast-drying formula that’s made to last. Smudge no more—water, tears, torrential downpour, or anything else the day brings—Indelible Inks Eyeliner boasts serious staying power. 

Featuring a liquid gel-based formula, that can be applied in thick or thin strokes with a sleek, chic brush or an ultra-fine tip, the long-wearing, waterproof color glides on and stays put for precise application without smudging or smearing.

Above: Ingredients!

As someone who is realistic about the fact that I have been seduced by the selling points of a myriad of beauty products (Long lasting! Good for the skin! Full coverage! Hydrating!) countless times, only to be disappointed by said products shortcomings, I can honestly say that this liner truly lives up to its bold claims!

Above: Additional “back of the box” matter.

Above: Artemis is a rich indigo blue with a slight sheen.

Above: The writing is tiny,  but it says “Artemis.”

Above: The thin brush gives me fantastic control during application.

The liner is small but mighty, and features a whisper thin (yet easily controlled) brush that, in one dip, picks up the perfect amount of product for a single lid.

Above: Thick and think applications of Artemis in indoor lighting. 

The liquid itself is very smooth and easy to apply…it glides on the lid without tugging, pulling or smearing; as long as I allow about seven seconds of dry time first, I can completely open my eye without transferring the ink…this, in and of itself, is remarkable!

There is a slight sheen to this liner…it is not, however, shimmery or glittery in any way.  Rather, it imparts a lovely satin finish that adds dimension and glow to the eye area.

The lasting power of this liner is otherworldly…it literally didn’t budge for the entire day and, once I was ready to take it off, I discovered that it can only be effectively removed with oil-based makeup remover.

Above: Thin and thick applications of Artemis in indoor lighting. 
Above: I took these pictures halfway through the day…note that there is no transfer to my upper lid (which normally occurs with any formula that I use) and smudging is nominal.
Above: I took this at the end of the day…I smile because my liner is still on my eyelids. 

Above: A closed-eye view.

Above: When applying, I like to wing this out slightly.

Above: Another angle to reveal “the wing.”

Above: I couldn’t be happier with this formula…I like how a line on top adds volume and depth to my eyelashes,  even when my eyes are open.
Above: Artemis is pure bliss!
Bottom Line: The Le Metier de Beaute Indelible Inks Eyeliner in Artemis is simply brilliant…its rich inky blueness, facile application and extreme lasting power make this easily one of the best liquid liners on the market!  After years of wearing a classic black line, I am loving venturing into unconventional indigo-navy territory.  This formula cannot be beat…highly recommended!

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Comments (6)

  • Anonymous Reply

    I want this! I hope it will be available on zuneta soon, since I live in the uk and it's the only place where I can find this brand.

    February 1, 2013 at 11:13 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hello Anon,

      Yes…I hope you are able to get it soon! It is a wonderful line and the products always rank near the top of my list!

      What do you think you will order first?


      –The Beauty Professor

      February 2, 2013 at 8:59 pm
  • Annick Reply

    Glad this product doesn't transfer. It's totally my pet peeve when it comes to liquid liners. The dark navy really suits you!

    February 1, 2013 at 11:24 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hello Annick,

      The lack of transfer is mind-blowing! I wore it again all day yesterday (a good 10 hours) and not a single smudge! Thank you for the sweet compliment! What are some liquid liners you enjoy using?


      –The Beauty Professor

      February 2, 2013 at 9:00 pm
  • Kate Reply

    Hey Beauty Professor!!

    I have been contemplating Artmeis for a while! I had always heard good things about Le Metier's liners, but for a long time Artemis was not available. I think after enough public outcry to bring it back, they did. I was particularly interested in it since I read some reviews that dark blue liners can make the whites of your eyes appear brighter. Someone reviewed a Tom Ford gel eyeliner that had a slight dark-blue tint to it and said it really did brighten her eyes. As someone who suffers from chronically dry (and somewhat bloodshot) eyes, this is really appealing. The color is lovely, and it looks great with your green eyes!

    I am actually going to work on an email to you today. So much to talk about! Thanks for the cool feature on IMATS. Your mom is really lovely.

    Have a great weekend!


    February 1, 2013 at 4:34 pm
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hello Kate!

      As always, wonderful to hear from you and thanks for the compliment! I am so happy that LMdB brought this back…I missed it the first time around. I am loving the fact that this deep blue is a departure from my normal black liners of choice; it's unique without being over the top ; ) I, too, have dry eyes (thanks to my extreme nearsightedness and reliance on contacts, most days) that are prone to getting bloodshot, so anything combatting this is appreciated.

      I cannot believe that LMdB hasn't made this particular liner in black as of yet…the formula is so formidable and bulletproof, that I want it in every single color, starting with basic black!

      I got your wonderful email yesterday and will be working on a befitting reply this weekend…you are right…so much to talk about!!

      So glad you enjoyed the IMATS post…I was hoping to give my readers an "almost like being there" experience. My mom is the best and I'll let her know what you said!

      Have a beautiful weekend and talk very soon…


      –The Beauty Professor

      February 2, 2013 at 9:08 pm

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