New Product Alert: Marc Jacobs Marvelous Mousse Foundation

Foundations acquisition…when will it end?  For me, likely never!  I most recently was lured in my the siren song of the freshly released Marc Jacobs Marvelous Mousse Foundation.  Boasting a dense creamy texture and full coverage finish, this formula purports to feel whisper light while keeping skin pristinely matte and perfected.  Does this sound too good to be true?  When it comes to foundation descriptions, doesn’t it always?
Kindly scroll on for images, details, my thoughts on the formula and the Bottom Line…

Above: #26 Bisque Medium is a light beige with neutral to yellow under tones, suitable for N/NC 23-35 skin.
Housed in a sturdy glass jar, this foundation offers .63 ounces of product.  Although this is clearly less than the standard 1 ounce quantity we’ve come to expect from most foundations, the pigmentation and texture of this particular formula allows one to use much less to cover the entire face; in turn, I envision this lasting just as long as my other foundation in rotation.

Above: The protective, removal inner seal.
The jar is travel friendly, thanks to a wide bottom and inner seal that keeps the foundation from drying out or migrating to the edges.  However, as someone who, upon occasion, likes to toss foundation in her purse for long days, I wouldn’t say this is handbag friendly, due chiefly to the weight of the jar.  In turn, I suppose I could decant some into a small sample jar should touch ups be necessary.

Above: The foundation in direct sunlight.
From an aesthetics perspective, the packaging is gorgeous…streamlined and clean, this would look lovely on a vanity.  I selected the shade #23 Bisque Medium, which is a N/NC 23-25 shade, appropriate for my dead of winter skin.  When I used the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation in the summer (I was approximately NC 25-27), I selected the Light Beige, which I found to oxidize to a slightly orangish hue.  The Bisque Medium is lighter in depth and thankfully maintains its light beige with yellow undertones without oxidizing.  

Above: I think this image best reflects the formula’s firm, dense, slightly dry yet creamy texture. 
Texturally, this is a rather “firm” foundation.  Unlike the bouncy, souffle-like texture of the Besame cream foundation and the emollient, nearly whipped feeling of the Kanebo Sensai and Suqqu cream foundation, this unscented formula is dense and requires a bit of pressure to transfer it onto a Beauty Blender or foundation brush.  I applied it over Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge (as a primer) and found that it looks most natural (at least on my skin) with some vigorous stippling and buffing.  One layer yields medium-full coverage; another layer can be added for additional coverage but I wouldn’t recommend much more than that as the thicker texture can create a cakey look if over applied.  
The finish is decidedly demi-matte without any perceptible luminosity (e.g., no shimmer).  That being said, it still has a skinlike finish that looks natural if applied with restraint.  From a lasting power perspective, I get about six hours of wear before feeling the need to touch it up with powder.  This, in my opinion, is where the caveat lies.  Adding a conservative amount of powder, whether it be smooth and pigmented (like the Beauty Is Life Compact Powder discussed HERE) or finely-milled and translucent (like the Surratt Beauty Diaphane Loose Powder Compact reviewed HERE) makes this foundation more conspicuous on the face…it’s as if the thicker texture repels the powder and doesn’t allow it to meld with the skin, causing the overall effect to look slightly patchy.  Also, as the day wears on, I begin to “feel” this foundation on my face; while it is not inordinately heavy, the sensation is not ideal to say the least. Finally, this formula is not as transfer resistant as I would like…I feel like it doesn’t completely “set” (though visually, it looks like it has), but as long as I don’t touch my face with my hand or objects like my phone (which I try to avoid anyway, regardless of the foundation I am wearing!), it doesn’t seem to be a major issue. 
Overall, if I had to score this foundation, I would give it a healthy 8.  It has good coverage, a natural skin finish and decent lasting power; however, its inability to withstand a touch up makes this a formula I wouldn’t embrace on a long day of work (which for me, is nearly everyday!).  If you were disenchanted with the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel formula, have normal skin (I fear that skin borderlining on oily might not respond as well to this texture) and are looking for a new demi-matte, medium to full coverage option, this just may be worth a try.  

Above and below: Swatches of the Marc Jacobs Marvelous Mousse Foundation in direct sunlight alongside base formulas of commensurate depth and tone. 
Below: Images of the Marc Jacobs Marvelous Mousse Foundation in various lighting situations…
Above: Outdoors in shade.
Above: Even in direct sunlight (harsh, I know), the foundation is nearly imperceptible on the skin.
Above: Outdoors in partial sunlight.
Above: The MJ Marvelous Mousse Foundation gives a lovely (demi-matte) skin finish.
Bottom Line: I much prefer the Marc Jacobs Marvelous Mousse Foundation to that of the Beauty Genius Gel Foundation (discussed HERE).  The coverage and lasting power are superior and it quite reminds me, texturally speaking, of the Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick in terms of finish and wear (though the TF formula is superior with regards to withstanding touch ups).  In the initial weeks of owning this, I am rather impressed; however, I will need more time before I can determine if it’s earned a coveted place in my foundation rotation.  Have YOU tried the Marvelous Mousse Foundation?  Thoughts?
Good things ahead on the blog including my recap of the Makeup Show LA, some new product acquisitions and a video tutorial ; ) 
xoxo and happy weekend!
–The Beauty Professor
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Comments (8)

  • Makeupbypatricia Reply

    You look so beautiful Rachel! Great review as always. Seems it's not something I would like as I dislike foundations that I start to "feel" after a few hours. I don't like that it transfers either… which leads me to a question: which foundation (out of all the ones you've tried) do you feel is the one that transfers the least? Thanks! Xoxo

    March 7, 2014 at 8:48 pm
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Thank you so much, dear Patricia! It is an interesting foundation and, stated caveats aside, I would recommend it to most foundation lovers!

      With regards to your question, my top three would be the Kanebo Sensai Cellular Performance Cream Foundation, Suqqu Frame Fix, By Terry Densiliss and Ardency Inn Custom Coverage Concentrate…I often mix them all to make a custom formula ; ) I think I shall do a video on this process soon!


      –The Beauty Professor

      March 9, 2014 at 8:36 pm
  • Deb Reply

    Hi Rachel. This post reminded me of a question I've been meaning to ask you about the LMdB PV. I've been reading your blog long enough to know that this a HG product for you and a part of your daily routine. I went back and read your original review of the product and then some other posts where you discussed the product in combination with other skin care, primers, foundations, etc. I notice that in some of the posts you describe using the PV as a primer and in other posts you use a separate primer along with the PV. So my question is: as a primer, does the PV provide any benefits other than the skincare properties? For example, I've noted that you state it provides an excellent base for your foundations but I'm wondering if it goes a little beyond. Such as, does it blur pores? I guess that is my real question. I don't have any skin issues except larger pores around my nose. I'm very interested in this product for the skin care benefits but I'm also trying to see if I can cheat and get away with using just it, or if a separate primer is necessary if you are dealing with pores. Any additional information you could provide on that would be greatly appreciated. It is an investment product and I'm on the verge of ordering it, but I want to make sure I truly understand it's best "usage" before I do. Thanks!

    March 8, 2014 at 5:08 pm
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hello Deb,

      Glad you asked me about the PV! It is still, after over two years, a daily favorite! It has five chief benefits: a moisturizer, primer, tinted product, illuminator and anti-aging formula (due to its perfect concentration of retinol…just enough to be effective but not to much as to make skin peel). Overall, due to its multi-faceted application, it works into my skincare routine regardless of the other moisturizers, primers and foundations I am testing/using. I find that it does blur pores, smooth skin, and overall, just perfect the visage. Some days, it may be my only layer before foundation and my mom (who doesn't love foundation like I do) often wears it alone and her skin looks sensational. I just can't say enough good things about this product ; )

      I hope that helps…keep me posted!


      –The Beauty Professor

      March 9, 2014 at 8:41 pm
    • Deb Reply

      Hi Rachel. You had me at "it does blur pores"! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I'm off to order! Have a good week.

      March 10, 2014 at 3:32 pm
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Excellent…so very happy to help, Deb!

      I hope you love it as I do ; )

      xoxo and keep me posted,

      –The Beauty Professor

      March 12, 2014 at 11:39 pm
  • Unknown Reply

    Hi Rachel! This foundation looks simply gorgeous on your skin. I must say it impresses me to give it a try. Marc Jacobs is one line that I haven't yet experienced, so this may be a fine start. Do you think it would be suitable for drier skin? Thank you for all the wonderful posts that you share with us. They are quite useful. Take care!

    March 30, 2014 at 8:21 pm
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hi Jem!

      Thank you ever so much! I find that this is the one Marc Jacobs foundation that works for combination and dry skin (unlike the gel foundation which is not compatible with either!). I hope that helps you…keep me posted if you try it ; )


      —The Beauty Professor

      April 3, 2014 at 5:39 am

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