Rouge Bunny Rouge Devlish Nectar

I recently had the opportunity to try Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Devilish Nectar, a moisturizing lip plumper that instantly makes lips appear fuller and well-nourished.  Retailing for $29, this pint-sized powerhouse  is a lovely surprise.

According to RBR:

Rouge Bunny Rouge has recreated this shiny and fragrant devilish gloss, to boost your lips and sparkle them with golden fairy-dust. The secret lies in the delicious blend of spicy essential oils that start working instantly to naturally increase blood-flow. Your lips will feel wickedly full and lush, flushed with color. Frequent re-application will further heighten the sexily dangerous effect. You may become addicted to getting your man every time, but don’t let the bees catch you. You have been warned! 

The gloss texture is bejewelled with micro mica particles and is imbued with the spicy fragrance of Cloves, Cardamom and Chilli, while Jojoba gives excellent softening. It will stimulate your lips immediately, to result into that coveted just kissed look. 

As many have mentioned before, this product is very tiny (similar to DuWop’s infamous Lip Venom) but this is no cause for concern because only a drop of this “cinnamony” and slightly shimmery formula is needed to cover the entire lip area.  I find a slight tingle upon application, but nothing uncomfortable.  While the plumping effect is not on caliber with what might expect from injections (I haven’t personally had any, but have definitely seen the end results on many a LA native!), my lips do indeed feel fuller and extremely moisturized, making this an excellent choice as a lip color base.

Images above and below: Swatches of Devilish Nectar in direct sunlight…the formula is basically clear with subtle flecks of rose gold shimmer to add dimension without interfering with the integrity of other lip color you may choose to use in conjunction with this product.

Top lips…nothing.  Bottom lips…one coat of Devlish Nectar.  Note that my lips are visibly fuller and more flushed.  They also feel “cushiony” and very moisturized!

Bottom Line: I am a lip plumper fan…from Lip Fusion to City Lips (and everything in between!) I feel like I have given an earnest try to most plumpers on the market and am very happy with how Devlish Nectar compares to its contemporaries.  The tube is small but concentrated and since receiving it, it hasn’t left my purse.  If you are looking for an extremely dramatic result, I suggest considering some sort of cosmetic procedure, but if you are looking for a slightly tingling, full and flushed effect that pleasantly captures the senses, then Rouge Bunny Rouge Devilish Nectar is a fantastic option!

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