Seth Wegter Bags

While I have committed to almost exclusively writing about cosmetics in this blog, there are a few issues outside of the makeup realm that I deem review worthy. One is the topic of purses. I could actually rationalize that even a purse is makeup-related because it is the vessel that carries the cosmetics the I use on a regular basis.

In turn, I would like to bring your attention to This is the website of Seth Wegter, a Southern California local who designs and hand makes purses, cosmetic pouches and even man bags with class and precision. His W Bag (pictured above) is currently a roomy best-seller. I invite you to peruse his site and behold the wonder…I carry the Sadiella (a tan version is pictured below) and constantly get stopped by strangers when shopping (usually for makeup, I might add) asking who makes my bag and where they can get one. His purses are just that good.

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