The Quintessential Summer Read: An Interview with Four Seasons at Angelino’s Caroline McBride

Caroline McBrideKindly reading Four Seasons at Angelino's
Caroline McBride at The Little Nell in Aspen

One thing you may not know about me is that I am, and always have been, an avid reader. From the time I was three, I was devouring books while everyone else was running around, dressing their dolls and trying to master video games. One summer, I remember reading every single Nancy Drew book at my local library; I guess you could say I was committed. Now–between being mom, a professor and beauty writer–my reading time is a rare solace and a beautiful escape…a moment when I can consume rather than create, and I therefore choose my books carefully. If I’m not reading about Old Hollywood or 1960s fashion and makeup, then I seek a blithe romantic comedy-oriented tale, with lush locales and relatable characters.

Today, and in honor of the official launch date of her book Four Seasons at Angelino’s (available at Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, BAM! and IndieBound), I am excited to introduce to you author Caroline McBride. I consider it a joy to call her a colleague in the beauty industry and a dear personal friend and have had the privilege of witnessing her elaborate writing process first-hand over the course of the last couple of years.

Four Seasons at Angelino’s focuses on a restaurant PR executive who searches for “the one” while traveling the world for her job. This quest takes the reader on a veritable tour of some of the most interesting places on the globe; the novel–which spans twelve months–balances blissful escapism with satisfying depth. In sum, it is the quintessential summer read. 

The Quintessential Summer Read: An Interview with Four Seasons at Angelino’s Caroline McBride

Kindly scroll on for my full interview with Caroline McBride wherein we cover her background, inspiration for the book and, of course, her favorite skincare and beauty products…

cover of the book by Caroline McBrideKindly Four Seasons at Angelino's
Four Seasons at Angelino’s (available at AmazonTargetBarnes & NobleBAM! and IndieBound)

Beauty Professor: Tell us a little a bit about your background…where did you grow up and go to college and what types of jobs have you held since college?




Caroline McBride: As a travel addict, I often say I’m a citizen of the world, but I’m actually a product of beautiful Orange County, California where I was born and later raised near the ocean in Seal Beach. I attended Loyola Marymount University where I earned a BA in political science and my fantasies of becoming a legal advocate for crime victims fizzled out due to the cost of law school. Fortunately, at LMU, I was a research assistant for a leading expert on the Middle East, Dr. Joseph Jabbra, and he encouraged me to apply for a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship. I won and was chosen to represent my native country, state and city in The Netherlands where I simultaneously earned a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Thank you, Rotarians!

After grad school, I got involved in political fundraising, worked in the business affairs department at New Line Cinema, dabbled in modeling and taught for a year at Fairfax High School. Then I relocated to New York City and worked for five years as a licensed and bonded non-profit fundraiser for foster children where I was an integral part of raising millions of dollars through an art based charity project called ARTrageous. An acquaintance lured me into a COO position at an online culinary startup before I transitioned into an opportunity at Serafina Restaurant Group where I’ve served as the Director of Public Relations for over a decade, helping to launch the brand around the world. As a publicist I’ve consulted for other clients including DECORTÉ beauty. 


BP: What inspired you to write “Four Seasons at Angelino’s” ?




CM: Before the love of my life passed away in 2018, he encouraged me to write a novel, as books came up often in conversation and we enjoyed exploring bookstores together. It was serendipitous because my mind is always exploding with story ideas and, quite frankly, I was eager to make him proud. I chose to write a romantic comedy novel, my favorite genre, because who doesn’t want a happy ending? I toyed with a few ideas and finally settled on a satire based on the time I spent traveling around the world to help launch new restaurants. 


BP: How has your life experience influenced the content of the book?




CM: Every chapter is named after a different city and iconic restaurants are sprinkled throughout the story. I only write about places I’ve visited so I can give readers a realistic taste of each town or attraction. The workplace mayhem in the story is sensationalized, although rooted in chaos I’ve witnessed behind the scenes at restaurants. The romances in the book (and there are some juicy ones!) are fictionalized. 

Caroline McBrideKindly talking to a guy
Caroline McBride.


BP: What do you want readers to feel while they’re experiencing your book?




CM: Hopefully readers will reminisce about places they’ve visited while they enjoy a glimpse of cities they have yet to see. On the relationship side, the protagonist, Charlotte, is a bit of a trainwreck. She’s so eager to find love that she jumps headfirst into the wrong situations with men while juggling work responsibilities. Perhaps some of her challenges as a single career woman will resonate with female readers; I want them to rest assured that they’re not alone and challenges can be conquered. There are themes of perseverance, empowerment and patience throughout the story. Also, “closed mouths don’t get fed.” Fighting for your rights in the workplace and communicating your needs in relationships are paramount to success on all levels. As for men who read this book, perhaps they’ll understand that it isn’t easy being a woman, but I’m keeping my expectations low, lol.

Ultimately, I want this novel to make everyone laugh and accept the fact that some situations are out of our control. However, things often have a way of falling into place especially when we communicate effectively. Relax and try to have fun during your life journey!


BP: What are some of your most favorite travel destinations?


CM: Anywhere on the French Riviera, especially Cap Estel. London, Paris, Rome, Buenos Aires, and Marbella. 

Stateside, I love Monterey where my family sometimes gathers. Also, Aspen, Santa Fe, New Orleans, Portland, Seattle, and Miami. 

Caroline McBrideKindly talking to a person
Caroline McBride.


BP: Since this site focuses on beauty, could you share some of your skincare and make up must-haves?




CM: The DECORTÉ Vi-Fusion line has transformed my skin. I use Essence (made of a combination of watery lotion and potent serum), Environmental Day Cream, Overnight Cream and 24/7 Eye Cream.
I’m addicted to the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum that Beauty Professor helped me pick out during an Oribe event she hosted at Cos Bar in Brentwood. It is light, moist and works with my freckles. If I want to go a little heavier, I use the Erborian CC Cream with SPF 25. It leaves my skin looking dewy while protecting it from the sun. 

My natural eyebrows are white so I have to color them in every day. I usually use an eye brow pencil and then shade them in with ka-BROW cream-gel brow color by Benefit.

The Lightgasm Face Palette by Charlotte Tilbury serves my bronzer, blush and highlighter needs.
On makeup free days–there have been many during Coronavirus–I use Supergoop Superscreen Daily Moisturizer with SPF 40. It’s light and effective.

I love learning about new beauty products and Beauty Professor constantly tempts me with her coverage of great brands. I have my eye on By Terry Lash Expert Twist Brush and enjoyed her recent Instagram Live interview with the company founder. That will be my next mascara purchase.

Caroline McBrideKindly and a woman
Beauty Professor and Caroline McBride at an Oribe Event at CosBar, Brentwood.


BP: How would you describe your personal style?




CM: Practical. I usually live out of a carryon suitcase which limits my options. I must carefully plan my outfits to match my destinations. For example, in Seattle I’ll pair an oversized sweater with black skinny jeans. And ankle boots while NYC requires designer dresses and my most fierce heels for nighttime activities. At home in LA, denim shirts, sun dresses and sandals are routine unless I have an event. 

Caroline McBrideKindly in all black outfit
Caroline McBride for Vassa & Co, photography by Stefan Ungaru


BP: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?




CM: Pre-Covid19, I enjoyed traveling, attending sports events and going to the theater. Coronavirus wiped that out, but some things remain: Visiting my family, Stand Up Paddle Board, bingeing on 90 Day Fiancé as a guilty pleasure, and of course reading and writing. 


BP: What is one habit/activity/action that has helped you during this lockdown situation




CM: Writing has been a great escape and has allowed me to imagine a world free from evil coronavirus… I’m working on the sequel to Four Seasons at Angelino’s and making myself laugh during the process. I would lose my sanity if I couldn’t get lost in books. 


BP: What advice would you give to someone who has dreams of writing their own novel?




CM: Go for it! Write your thoughts asap and worry about the details later. Revisions are exhausting and require extreme patience. But it’s like putting on makeup: fine tuning and tweaking create the ultimate image you desire. 


BP: Anything else you’d like us to know?



CM: Traveling fosters knowledge and if you can’t see a place in person, at least you can experience it through books and stories. Enjoy Four Seasons at Angelino’s and have fun along the journey!

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Bottom Line: I hope that you enjoyed this in-depth look at the brilliant mind behind Four Seasons at Angelino’s (available at AmazonTargetBarnes & NobleBAM! and IndieBound). Caroline McBride is truly one of the most well-traveled, passionate, authentic and interesting individuals I know and it’s my joy to share the culmination of her world-class experiences with you.If you like romance, travel and personal growth as I do, then pick up a copy for yourself and a friend…summer simply isn’t the same without a breezy book in hand.

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