What’s in My Purse?

Above: The Princepessa bag, made by own brother, Seth Wegter.
Last month, I received a sublime birthday purse from my brother, who handcrafts handbags when he is not teaching high school and college English or coaching a wrestling team…indeed, he is a true Renaissance Man.  Deemed “The Princepessa,” this bag is a slight departure from my other purses (made by him as well, of course) that are roomy enough to double as small pieces of luggage (I exaggerate only slightly).   
This 10″ by 8″ wonder, however, holds much more than one might imagine at first glance.  Being one who is infinitely nosy about what items people deem important to tote around on a regular basis, I thought I would use this post as a way to, (a) showcase my brother’s immense talent as it is manifested in this bag (my BP readers frequently ask which designer makes my bags) and (b) share what I carry in my own bag…hopefully I have some readers who are as hopelessly curious as I am ; )
Above: The Princepessa in action; meanwhile Jethro is in the foreground looking like a dignified sentinel!
Above: The Princepessa  features two handles for easy hand/forearm holding as well as a generous cross body strap for those who like options.   Caramel colored pony was a gift from my mom ; )
Above: The Princepessa is made of lambskin and cowhide and all of the intricate lacing work is done with a high quality goatskin lace.  I guess this bag won’t be attracting vegans for obvious reasons, but he does work with non-animal products as well, for someone who likes his aesthetic but doesn’t want to carry animal hide.  The long cross body strap is brandished with beautiful brass hardware that makes the strap detachable.
Above: It’s all in the details…hand stamped leather zipper pulls and quality hardware make all the difference.  Nail polish is  Power Grey (new for Spring 2013) by Lise Watier.

Onto the items…can you fathom that all of these accouterments comfortably fit in this bag with room to spare?  As I’ve previously mentioned…this bag is deceptively roomy!

1. Salvatore Ferragamo scarf…over the years, I have been fortunate enough to amass a few of these (I believe that Ferragamo makes the best in terms of design, quality and durability) and I always have one in my purse.  It serves so many purposes…it can add modesty to an accidentally low shirt, integrate a chic look to a basic outfit, cover up Jethro’s dog tote (so he can go to sleep), make me warmer (that silk is thick and retains heat!) when a cold front unexpectedly arrives and can help achieve an impromptu hairdo. I’ve even used it to cover my forehead/shield my face when the sun is too much to bear!

2. Metal notepad with pen…a gift from my mom.  I love that it is so streamlined and compact as it is housed in its own little case. There is nothing, in my mind, that can take the place of paper.  Must.  Have.  Paper.

3. Hourglass Ambient Light Powders and Hourglass Retractable Foundation Brush (I’ve been carrying around two compacts, as intense as that is).  Diffused Light and Dim Light take me through the day and the brush makes it a dream to apply.

4. A copious amount of lipstick and lip gloss…at any given point in time, I have a least nine lip products in my purse. Is this unhealthy? Perhaps.  I adore options.  Lip color includes: D&G Mandorla, Tom Ford Nude Vanille, Tom Ford Spanish Pink, LMdB Pink-e Promise, Tom Ford Naked and Youngblood Debalicious.

5. A leather makeup bag, crafted by my brother, naturally.  The contents of this bag are featured at the end of this post.

6. A wallet, crafted by my brother, naturally.  Once again, a close up near the end of this post!

7. A pen…made from a very durable material, this pen is utilitarian to say the least.

8. Some form of snack that won’t degrade in my purse, just in case…in this case, almonds, which I didn’t begin liking until I reached adulthood.  Some days, I teach such long hours, that it’s consoling to know I have an unbridled access to food at all times.

9. Beauty Professor business cards…simple, informative, ceaselessly handy.

10. Lambskin sunglasses case, made by my brother. This is thin and light, yet valiantly protects my giant sunglasses.

11. Chanel matte black sunglasses…I love that these are gigantic (it’s like sunscreen made of plastic), feather light, classic and matte.

12. Tic Tacs…I am not a big candy lover, but having mints at one’s disposal, just in case, puts the mind at ease.

13. More lip products…in this case, Sensai Sakura Kasane, NARS Albatross gloss and Beauty Is Life Sacara gloss.

14. An empty foundation sample jar…my love for foundation knows no bounds and I never know when this might come in handy.

15. iPhone 5…not pictured, merely for the fact that I was using it to take my pictures.  This device allows me to keep in contact with everyone under the sun, document my life (and makeup) instantly, upload said pictures to my blog and wile away the hours with a myriad of apps.  I wish I didn’t love it like I do.

Above: A close up of some staples…Ferragamo, Tom Ford and LMdB…you’ve been good to me.

Above: The Princepessa with its cohorts…sunglass case, makeup bag and wallet.  

Above: This wallet is genius…it has an outer pocket for cards and an inner pocket for cash.
Above: It also has a back pocket for more cards, which somehow, I’ve managed to over utilize.

Above: A closeup of the lambskin sunglass case.  So thin and light, yet perfectly protective.

Above: My Chanel sunglasses…fairly certain the quilted part is leather, which fits nicely into this burgeoning theme.
Above: The sunglasses, yet again.  They literally cover half of my face, which I prefer.
Above: This makeup bag is small but mighty.  The fact that it has a straight, rectangular base that allows it to stand on its own is brilliantly convenient.

Above: The contents of my makeup bag in no particular order (this will likely be a more substantial, better fleshed-out future post!)…OCC pigment in Miriam, LMdB Eye Brightening Powder, a retractable concealer brush drenched in Laura Mercier SC-3, By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon, SK-II foundation pot #420, NYX lip color in Nude Peach Fuzz, Rouge Bunny Rouge Fine Spun Light, LMdB Indelible Ink liners in Artemis and Castella, a Swiss Army pocketknife, Koh Gen Do blotting papers, some emergency Sunday Riley sunscreen, Lise Watier Fawn liner, NARS Via Appia liner, LMdB Champagne liner, an extra contact lens, Rouge Bunny Rouge lip balm, organic hand sanitizer, allergy eye drops, dental floss, Rouge Bunny Rouge bronzing powder, Tom Ford blush, Guerlain mascara, LMdB Peau Vierge concealer and “foundation of the week,” Napoleon Perdis China Doll in L-2.  
Bottom Line: I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into my handbag…I cannot believe how much I carry around on a regular basis.  In all reality, I use most of this at one time or another during the week, so at least it’s not superfluous.  Kindly visit www.sethwegter.com if you desire to see more of what my brother so adeptly does! 
What are some “must haves” in your purse?
–The Beauty Professor

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Comments (16)

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample Reply

    I really enjoyed this post! I LOVE snooping in other peoples' purses/makeup bags/vanitys/etc. 😛 You have some really gorgeous items in there! Love the Chanel sunnies (REALLY need to get myself a new pair. I usually just buy mine from somewhere like Ross (though I've found really cute ones from Ralph Lauren and Cynthia Rowley marked way, way down AND on sale!) because I already have so much crap in my purse, I can't fit sunglass cases (no matter how thin) in there and always end up just throwing my sunglasses in my purse. Not a good habit but eh, what can you do 😛

    Oh and PS: your brother makes some REALLY gorgeous pieces!

    February 21, 2013 at 2:09 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hello Becca!

      I am so glad you liked this post…I've been wanting to do something like this for awhile and am happy to have finally pulled it off ; ) Thanks for your compliment on my sunglasses…they are definitely one of my favorites. I know what you mean about throwing glasses into the purse in a cavalier way…I totally used to do the same thing until I invested in some pricy ones. Strange at it sounds, I started taking better care of them when I knew their value! My brother is so talented…thrilled that you got to behold some of his creations!!

      I hope your week is going well…xoxo and talk soon,

      –The Beauty Professor

      February 21, 2013 at 6:54 am
  • WQ Reply

    It is certainly nice to have indispensable items and handy makeup gems at your disposal during long teaching/working days, all encased in a gorgeously handcrafted piece of art!

    **Thank you for sharing the contents of your lovely handbag… I can attest to the beauty, sturdiness, and capaciousness of the Seth Wegter bags—love my “Quincy” purse;).


    February 21, 2013 at 6:59 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hi WQ,

      Good to hear from you! I know how much you love your Seth Wegter bag…such a collision of art and function!! Bonus points for using the word "capaciousness"–; )

      Hope your day is going well…xoxo,

      –The Beauty Professor

      February 21, 2013 at 5:45 pm
  • Delacotta Reply

    *picking myself off the floor* oh my goodness. First off The Purse!! (I have always been obsessed w/ purses, boxes and makeup). I love the design and the versatility of straps (very important), light interior to find things, lots of pockets to organize.

    I cannot believe you got all that Stuff inside! Oh, the materials for construction to not stretch out and rip! (Very important when it's a bag you love.) Ok, I'll take mine w/ a fur insert – holstein or brown & white "pony" (but not); black or dark brown alligator like yours. Sigh… Matching wallet & MU bag! Amazing! It's even got piping! You lucky dog!!

    Second the amazing Treats stored inside. LmDB, TF, RBR, etc. (Isn't it funny how we know what the initials all mean!) Even as a kid my friends and I would "show me what's in your purse" and speeding over boring papers kind of things and opening, smelling and oohing over each makeup piece.

    Oh, and not to forget the fabulous amazing scarf and sunglasses. When I "come back" I'm going to come back as you! LOL!! Thank you so much for sharing and sharing your family's talent. I can see you are very proud of bro as you should be! Dang, and he's so good looking too!

    Much love, Susan

    P.S. Great shot of you at the top w/ your dog!!!

    February 21, 2013 at 5:58 pm
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hi Susan,

      Hope your weekend is going well! I am so glad you like the purse…it was such a lovely surprise from him and I can attest to the fact that it is impeccably crafted and much roomier than one would think at first glance. I love your fur insert idea…that would be so luxe!

      Your comments always bring a smile to my face…thanks for all of the love and support…I will pass on your sweet compliment to my brother…as close as we are, he doesn't frequent my blog regularly (due to the fact that it focuses on products for which he as absolutely no use!) so he might not read it on his own ; )

      Tare and talk soon…xoxoxo!!!

      –The Beauty Professor

      February 24, 2013 at 4:35 am
  • lov2read68 Reply

    I am such a "Nosy Nellie" – I'm always curious as to what others carry with them as indispensable or have in their desk or on their vanity! It's always reassuring somehow to see that I'm not the only one who carries a plethora of lip products!
    That purse! and the accessories! *pauses to pick my chin up off the floor* Wow – your brother is indeed a Renaissance Man! Next stop will be perusing his website!

    February 24, 2013 at 8:05 pm
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hello Love2Read68!

      I can completely relate to being nosy in this area…I find it so telling and compelling to discover what people find to be absolute necessities! Rest assured, you are definitely not alone in toting around a cache of lipstick…I am fairly certain they collectively add at least three pounds to my bag.

      I am thrilled that you like my bag…my brother is such a talent! I hope you enjoy exploring his website ; )

      Take care and talk soon…xoxo,

      –The Beauty Professor

      February 25, 2013 at 4:27 am
  • BooBooNinja Reply

    Thank you for sharing what's in your purse and makeup bag. Like Becca, I delight in seeing the "lovelies" people have and, also, how they are organized. Your brother is very talented! My sister does something similar (bags and other accessories), but mostly with reclaimed materials.

    February 25, 2013 at 2:17 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hello BooBooNinja!

      It was my pleasure to share it…I am so glad you enjoyed the post. My brother never ceases to amaze me ; ) That is so wonderful that your sister is artistic, too!

      Have a wonderful week…xoxo,

      –The Beauty Professor

      February 25, 2013 at 4:38 am
  • Sheila Reply

    Wow! I am drooling over the purse – what a talented family! 🙂 P.S. I peeked at his site and know that area in the cover photo well!

    February 25, 2013 at 7:31 am
  • The Beauty Professor Reply

    HI Sheila,

    Thank you…it is so drool-worthy; I can say that since I didn't make it ; ) I am so glad that you explored his site…San Juan Capistrano!!

    Take care and have a wonderful rest of the week…xoxo,

    –The Beauty Professor

    February 26, 2013 at 6:05 am
  • She Reply

    I'm late to the party but glad I visited – the bag is gorgeous and unique, like its owner. I love these types of posts; I guess I'm pretty curious about the contents of a woman's purse – so personal yet revealing. You obviously have good taste. I'm now off to check out http://www.sethwegter.com

    March 5, 2013 at 5:20 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      One can never be too late to the purse and makeup party, She's Chic ; ) Thank you for your kind words about my birthday bag! I am relentlessly curious so I can completely relate to your interest in this post…I hope you enjoyed his website!!


      –The Beauty Professor

      March 6, 2013 at 3:15 am
  • Kainita Reply

    OMG, I really loved this post as I enjoy seeing what other people have in their bags and the products that get them through the day! I find it inspirational! I l-o-v-e your sunglass case and went onto your brother's website to see if I could order it however it wasn't there. I'm guessing that it was done especially for you:).

    July 31, 2013 at 10:31 am
    • The Beauty Professor Reply

      Hello Kainita,

      Thank you so much…I had a lot of fun putting this together! I will check with my brother today to find out why the sunglasses cases aren't appearing on his website. I know he has a few in his inventory ; ) Will let you know as soon as I find out!!

      xoxo and have a lovely day,

      –The Beauty Professor

      July 31, 2013 at 7:29 pm

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