Liquid Eyeliner Tutorial

I have been a little negligent in the video/tutorial department, but, upon acquisition of a new webcam that has drastically streamlined my process, I am excited to begin creating them again!
Below is a brief tutorial on how I like to apply my liquid eye liner…in this tutorial, I use Milani Infinite Liquid Liner in Everlast, a deep and glossy black shade that doesn’t budge one iota until it is removed.  Of all the liquid liners I have tried, this is by far the most powerful.
If you’d like to view the video in a larger format, click on this DIRECT LINK which will take you to the same tutorial on my YouTube channel.
I hope you enjoy it!
–The Beauty Professor

Other cosmetics worn in this video include…

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  • Kate Reply

    Hi Beauty Professor!

    Loved the video! I am so happy to hear you are making more of these. I watched all your other ones and really enjoyed them. Not only is it nice to see the products in action, it is also nice to see and hear you and get to know you a little more. I like the dot trick. Also, I am happy to see that someone else pulls their eye at the corner to get the lid taut – I see a lot of makeup artists either not pulling the lid at all, or lifting it from above the brow, neither of which works for me. That is exactly how I put my eyeliner on.

    Did you get your Nude Vanille yet? I hope you love it. I have never see Scarlet Rouge, but I do own Wild Ginger, which is a very orange-based red. My husband dislikes red lipstick (or dark lipstick in general), so I don't wear it too much. But, if I do red, I usually like a red that has a lot of orange in it.

    I have been enjoying playing with the Lip Tars. I like Hush a lot, and I have been mixing Trick with Cha Cha. Trick is fine on its own, but Cha Cha is a bold color to wear on its own. I am planning on mixing Cha Cha with Hush at some point. I do notice that I have to wear a lip balm underneath these, since I find them a bit drying. And, today I topped my Trick/Cha Cha combo with Tom Ford's Lip Laquer in Gold Dust, which is nice. It doesn't change the color too much, and prevents the Lip Tars from looking dry on my lips.

    I really like the Naked Liner. Again, I find I need to have a layer of lip balm on before I apply it, but it works well. I usually put foundation or concealer on my lips to tone them down, as they are pretty pigmented. So, the Naked liner is a good alternative. I also have been really enjoying my Constructivist Paint Pot. I use it as a base for a lot of my smokey eye looks.

    My brother is getting married this weekend, and I have been agonizing over what makeup to wear. I am a little concerned about the Maestro foundation because it contains a sunscreen, and I don't want it to look washed out with the flash photography. Have you noticed that effect at all? I never noticed it in any of your pictures, but people always seem to caution against using a foundation with sunscreen when having photos taken. If I don't use Maestro, I am sure I will use the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation since it is for high def. As for the eyes and lips, I am going back and forth on what to wear. Part of me wants to do a dramatic smokey eye, but maybe I should stick to more natural eye makeup. Any thoughts?

    I am totally not surprised they picked Sean as the next Bachelor. My husband hates when they "reuse" people, and has taken to calling the show The Recycler. Sean is so clean cut, all-American and likeable that he was an easy pick in my mind. I actually like him, too. Much better than the last guy, Ben. I really disliked him.

    As for reality tv, I watch WAY too much. Like, an embarrassing amount….lol! I have been watching Dancing with the Stars, and I also partake in all the "Real Housewives" franchises. Do you watch any of those? Literally, if you name a reality show, I probably watch it.

    Hope your week is going well! Talk to you soon!


    October 3, 2012 at 4:32 pm
  • The Beauty Professor Reply

    Dear Kate,

    My many apologies for this very late reply…I worked 16+ hour days this week and, consequently, was barely home (much less, on my computer!). I am so glad you liked the video ; ) I absolutely have to pull my lid to make the line straight…for me, there's just no way around it…you are definitely not alone in this! Hopefully, more videos to come : )

    I received Nude Vanille a couple of days ago and am loving it like I knew I would. It is (as you well know!) outrageously creamy, and I can tone down the pale with a bit of pink lip color underneath, until the rest of my summer tan fades (which, by the way, is taking forever!). I haven't got Scarlet Rouge yet; I notice that sometimes when I order multiple items from Nordstrom, they don't all arrive at the same time. My husband much prefers lighter lip color (as opposed to red) as well, so we'll see how shade fares. There is something about the arrival of fall that makes me want to re-visit the dark lip, even if it isn't my normal "look."

    How lovely that your brother is getting married this weekend! Are you two close in age? My brother and I are both close in age and super close friends : ) If it is not too late, I suggest wearing the Maestro…its lasting power is unprecedented (my 16 hour days this week have proven this for sure) and I haven't noticed any discernible flashback in pictures I've taken. Even my most recent Instragram photo (towards the top right hand side of my blog) with the fellas of Le Metier De Beaute was taken with a flash (and I was wearing Maestro) and I don't see the slightest white cast so I think you will be good to go.

    You can't go wrong with the KGD Aqua either, so you are facing a problem (what to wear?) with two fabulous solutions (Maestro OR KGD Aqua). For me, a smokey eye and pale lip is my "go to" look and I feel like it is yours as well…embrace it and I am sure it will be stunning! Have fun…I cannot wait to hear all about it!

    I agree that "reusing" people on the Bachelor can be tenuous, however, like you, I am excited that Sean will be the man of the hour. I just hope that he is able to maintain his clean cut and moral ways while navigating the murky seas of the Bachelor franchise. I will be watching, indeed!

    No need to be embarrassed about your reality TV consumption…I tend to gravitate towards the same shows. I haven't watched DWTS every season, but do like to view it when it happens to be on. In terms of the Real Housewives, I prefer watching the Beverly Hills and New York versions…they can be a bit grating at times, but are always still quite compelling and I like to watch something frivolous after a excruciatingly long work day. What are your thoughts on Dance Moms?

    Have a beautiful wedding weekend and I'll look forward to talking soon!


    –The Beauty Professor

    October 6, 2012 at 7:52 pm

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