The Kroma 5-Day Reset: Couples Edition + Hawaii-Bound

Kroma 5-Day Reset review
A quick re-introduction.

Allow me to reintroduce myself…my name is Rachel Anise, otherwise known as the Beauty Professor and I’m the mom of an adorable 5-year-old daughter named Joey Elle, a full-time college professor of Communication Studies and a full-time beauty writer. Life over here for my husband Tyler and me is equal parts hectic and wonderful—never a dull moment—and in an attempt to keep everything in balance we, ourselves, can get out of balance rather easily. Enter: Kroma Wellness 

Kindly scroll on for our couples Kroma 5-Day Reset experience as well as the Bottom Line…

Kroma 5-Day Reset review
The Kroma 5-Day Reset Deluxe Set.

The Kroma 5-Day Reset: Couples Edition + Hawaii-Bound

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve done the Kroma 5-Day Reset (review HERE) and this time around, it couldn’t have arrived at a more optimal moment. After a particular busy season of holiday commitments, project deadlines, meetings and events, our family planned a trip to Hawaii and this five-day system was the perfect opportunity for Tyler and I to rebalance our bodies and prepare for a lot of running around, exploring and, of course, time on the beach. Although we both prioritize healthy eating, the rapid-fire pacing of our schedules can sometimes make it nearly impossible to ensure we’re getting proper nutrition throughout the day. From super early mornings and more than an occasional skipped lunchtime to rushed dinners later at night than we’d prefer, sustaining this type of lifestyle can leave your body feeling frazzled, bloated and unrested. 

Kroma 5-Day Reset review
Day 1 of our Kroma couple’s journey. Keep scrolling for before and afters!

I’ve never done any sort of meal plan with my husband so embracing the Kroma 5-Day Reset together was fun. We both love to cook the majority of our family meals at home, making aligning on this front an effortless endeavor. What I love most about Kroma The Reset is how luxurious and unrestrictive it feels. From the gorgeous packaging to the veritable array of nutritional options throughout the day, this program truly nourishes while helping to curb cravings and shed a few pounds (both of us lost 5 each!) along the way. 

Kroma 5-Day Reset review

Kroma 5-Day Reset Experience

The Kroma 5-Day Reset experience, designed in tandem with Dr. Will Cole, features 9 color-coded packets per day that are refreshingly customizable. For the lattes and smoothies and morning porridge, you can add your choice of plant-based milk (I, personally use A2 milk as that’s what works best with my body) and fruits and for the lunch and dinner bone broths, you can add vegetables, protein (lean chicken or beef is what we did) and even ghee for some extra fortification. Before we started, Tyler ran to the store to pick up these extras specifically, so it would be seamless for us all week…grateful to have married a man who does the grocery shopping. 

Kroma 5-Day Reset review
The Kroma Beauty Matcha Latte…so creamy and invigorating.
Kroma 5-Day Reset review
Bone broth with chicken for lunch.
kroma reset review
Meals for a full day.

Kroma 5-Day Reset review

The full spectrum of flavors that the Kroma 5-Day Reset offers is so refreshing; the lattes are subtly sweet with an intricate layer of spices to keep the tastebuds interested and the bone broth is exceptionally savory and satisfying. That fact that everything comes in its own packet makes it easy to continue the Reset while at work or out for the day. Additionally, even though my husband and I have very different appetites (his being much more robust than mine), we both felt well fed during the five days of Kroma. 

Kroma 5-Day Reset review

Here are some personal tips for the Kroma 5-Day Reset:

(1) Use the vessels as they make everything so easy…the Deluxe Reset comes with a metal shaker cup for the smoothies and lattes (so convenient) and a smaller metal tumbler for the bone both (also apropos for the Cranberry Hydration Elixir and Supergreens Fuel) on the go. The Reset also comes with a frother and bag so you can always prepare your meals in a moment. 

(2) Don’t forget about the OMG Cookie Butter (actually, trust me, you won’t). This delicious concoction is a perfect mid-day pick me up and really feels indulgent despite the clean and high performance ingredients.

(3) Pay attention to which Kroma foods you particularly enjoy as you can order them after your 5-Day Reset for maintenance and enjoyment. We always have the Cranberry Elixir (I drink this daily to maximize hydration), Shine Beauty Matcha Latte and 24 K Chicken and Beef Bone broth on hand for quick and healthy snacks and meals. Even Joey Elle asks for the bone broths regularly! Use BEAUTYPROFESSOR for 15% off.

Kroma 5-Day Reset review
The luxe accoutrements of the Kroma Deluxe 5-Day Reset.
couples showing their Kroma 5 Day reset before and after results
Before Kroma on the left, after Kroma on the right…this process was so fun to track with my husband, Tyler.

The Results:

This may sounds corny but I assure you it’s true; 5 days of Kroma brought my husband and I closer together on an unexpected level. We were so aligned in our daily experiences in terms of what we ate and it was fun to talk about what we enjoyed and compare our results both each day and ultimately at the end of the Kroma 5-Day Reset. We both noticed that we felt clearer headed, much more balanced and physically lighter…all the outcomes one would hope! Also, we felt like our best selves going into our trip to Hawaii and are grateful for how Kroma helped us to get there. 

a couple at the beach
First day in Hawaii at the Kahala Resort…Joey Elle took this picture of Tyler and me. You can see her little shadow in the foreground!
Beauty Professor Blogger Rachel Anise Wegter at the beach
L-R: Beginning of the trip and end of trip…my metabolism had a jump start via Kroma that maintained long after the 5-Day Reset.
a family at the beach
January 2024 at Lanikai Beach, Oahu.
Kroma 5-Day Reset review
Last look.

Bottom Line:

Hope you found this overview of our couple’s experience with The Kroma 5-Day Reset insightful and helpful and welcome your questions. I wholly recommend this system for times when you need to recenter and rebalance while accelerating energy and maximizing the tastebud experience…there’s truly nothing like it and we’ll continue to embrace Kroma every time we need to bring balance back in focus. I’m also thrilled that Kroma is offering BP followers 15% off with code BEAUTYPROFESSOR.

Good things ahead, including some long-time favorite brand spotlights, an on-location travel beauty look (just like the old days of BP!), some fresh tutorials and a host of new product launches.

In the meanwhile, I post daily content on my Instagram and LTK shop  so please make sure to follow me there, too.

Stay strong, seek wisdom, much love and more soon,

–The Beauty Professor

**Many thanks to Kroma for sponsoring this post. PR samples provided for review denoted by an asterisk (the rest purchased by me). However, as always, all of my opinions are expressly and unequivocally my own. © 2012-2024. Beauty Professor® All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, reprint or republish content and/or photos without author’s written permission.

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